Ditch the Laptop, BE ACTIVE! Jasmin dakkak and joelle dunkley

Why is Fitness important?

A regular fitness routine can do wonders for your overall health. What most people don’t realize is that when it comes to fitness, consistency is key. The mental and physical benefits of working out won’t become apparent until at least a few months of consistent work. As daunting as this may sound, you must start somewhere. It could be as small as taking a walk every day or perhaps a quick jog, anything that deviates from sitting down on the computer all day long. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, sitting for an extended period of time is far more dangerous than we could have ever imagined. “This kind of sedentary behavior increases our chances of getting a disease or a condition that will kill us prematurely, even if we exercise.” I want to emphasize the fact that although fitness is important for our wellbeing, simply breaking away from sitting down on your devices is equally as important. There are a multitude of reasons as to why fitness is important. Here are a few you might already know:

There are a multitude of Benefits to Being active. Here are a few you might already know:

Boosting energy • Personality development • Weight reduction • Mental strength

Tip: Don't think about your weight, focus on consistency.

Fitness transcends all aspects of our life in one way or another. Fitness is often misconceived as being only physically fit. However, feeling good physically, influences how you feel mentally. Getting into a stable fitness routine is a good practice because that kind of discipline carries over into your everyday life. The goal is to feel more productive, lead a healthier lifestyle and execute these objectives in a way that is positive, fun and uncomplicated. Our fitness blog is here to aid with this process.

Ladies, Get into Formation

Fitness for ladies

As women, our approach to fitness is very different from men. We tend to focus more on our appearance and weight rather than maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Starting off easy: YOGA


At the end of each blog post, our wish is that one phrase resonates with our readers. Ditch the laptop, be active! According to a research study publ​ished in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, University of Hong Kong researchers estimate that 6 percent of the world is addicted to the internet. This is a frightening statistic due to the fact that only 39% of the world even has access to the internet in the first place. This is a trend which begins in teenagers due to the recent crazes over technology and cyber advancements. Even in classrooms, children and teens remain connected to the internet. I believe this is where the addiction stems from, and is developed through adolescence.

Studies have shown that yoga is an effective form of rehabilitation for people who struggle with addiction. “Many addictions begin as a coping mechanism or a way of filling a spiritual void. As a result, people in treatment for addiction must learn to deal with their emotions and environment in healthier ways.” (Bradford Health). In comparison to weight training or CrossFit, Yoga is a relaxing and relatively easy form of fitness which can double as a resistance to computer addiction. The video below expands on yoga as a fitness form and how to get started:

Fitness Classes

Unity in real life

Strength in Numbers

If you have trouble sticking with a fitness plan, staying motivated, and even just getting yourself to the gym on a regular basis, you may want to give group fitness classes a try. Group fitness classes boast all sorts of benefits that will help you get excited about working out again because you are not the only one “suffering through the pain”.

One of the great things about fitness classes is the variety of classes available. There were not always options in terms of fitness classes. Typically, the classes back in the day targeted cardio in order to promote weight loss. Nowadays, there are endless possibilities of fitness classes available ranging from dance classes such as zumba to high intensity spinning. With all of these possibilities, people are bound to find a class that grabs their attention.

Working out is typically dreaded by most people, however, with these classes you will be more engaged in your exercise and be excited about it.

Another great benefit of group fitness classes is the social aspect. As you regularly attend these classes, you will get to know other class members, and soon you will all look forward to getting together, which will help you be more consistent. It’s harder to skip when you get to see friends and know that they are expecting you to come. Many people also find that they work out harder in a group setting as they get caught up in the friendly social pressure and competition. So if you are looking for something new to keep you interested and consistent in your fitness routine, check out some group fitness classes in your local gym.


Many women enjoy Zumba classes because they are fun and promote a sense of unity. According to the official Zumba website: "Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it."

Through interviews with freshmen girls at the University of Miami, many disclosed that out of the plethora of Zumba tutorials on YouTube, they found themselves more likely to only watch the tutorials rather than get up and complete the workout along with the video. This is one of the problems associated with viewing fitness material online. Although you may be inspired from your seated position, you need an extra push to actually put in the physical effort. For this reason, we want to stress how beneficial a fitness class could be to reverse this habit. Trying out a Zumba class brings variety into your workout regime, and being in the class will keep you motivated.

Let's talk about Diet

WHy technology causes our diet to suffer

Good, Clean, Eats

Fitness and Diet are the peanut butter and jelly of a healthy lifestyle. Although the sandwich is still edible with only one condiment, it would taste much better with both.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stuck at home, lying down in bed or on the couch, essentially physically attached to your devices… that you feel the need to binge eat? This is a phenomenon we need to explore. A lazy, technologically connected lifestyle can easily sacrifice your health and diet in return. Not to mention, with the introduction of cuisine courier systems like Uber Eats and Postmates, it is easier than ever to remain glued to the cyber world while food is brought to you. This is a dangerous dietary cycle which can lead to malnutrition and obesity in extreme cases.

Other other hand, being in tune with fitness and having a fitness schedule you abide by will influence you to change your diet for the better. Fitness and diet go hand in hand. If one element is going well, you might say “If I can consistently work out, I can clean up my diet!”. Don’t be discouraged by the few off days where it seems impossible to say no to fresh cookies sitting on the kitchen counter or a dinner with friends and family at what might not be the healthiest restaurant.

Overall, we want to encourage our viewers that its okay if this journey turns out to be an unstable or inconsistent one. However, we want to push for the effort to see change. Check out the video below on easy and delicious vegan meals:

Fitness in our Community

The university of miami

When it comes to devoting four entire years of your life to a specific college, you want to ensure that the university will promote a general sense of wellness and health. From gluten free sections in the dining halls to a fully-functioning recreation center, University of Miami is doing college right when it comes to keeping their students healthy an active.

Patti & Allan Herbert Wellness Center

The Herbert Wellness Center on campus provides a variety of machines that promote exercise in a healthy manner. The gym also provides a plethora of weights and even secluded mats to further advance exercises that will benefit you. According to USA Today college, “A recent study conducted by Purdue University April 2013, showed that students who visited the campus recreational facilities 16 or more times a semester had a higher GPA than those who went less often, she says.” Personal health and wellness should be just as prioritized amongst students just as classes are among colleges. Along with the variety of gym equipment, being in Miami also promotes a sense of constantly having to be fit. Whether this is done in a healthy manner varies from person to person, but since we are in constant “swim season” people tend to eat more carefully and hit the gym when they get a chance to.

Technology in the fitness industry

Fit Bit

Technology has been slowly infiltrating the fitness industry. One of the most popular items that came into play is the fitbit. It’s super easy to wear all the time. It is very light and comfortable, and it looks casual and natural on your wrist. When I need to wear a watch, I have one that sits next to the Flex quite easily.

You can get different Fitbit Flex wristbands, reasonably priced, in dozens of fun colors! I was pleasantly surprised to learn how many steps I walk during my normal work day. I do actually find ways to fit in even more activity at work, so I can watch the numbers go up.

It’s water resistant, so I can wear it in the shower or in the rain without worrying about keeping it dry. (Technically, it can be submerged up to 33 feet.)

I don’t ever have to connect the tracker to a computer or phone to upload my status. It happens automatically through the Bluetooth or dongle.

There is a notification alert to let me know when my battery is running low. After 10 minutes or so in the charging cable, it’s good to go again. The Fitbit Flex battery needs charging every 3 to 5 days.

Although there is a learning curve to get the most from it, the Dashboard is a colorful and fun display of my activity.

Fit Bits range from $60 to $250

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