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I took intro to art because I have always liked art, and I wanted to improve my skills. I wanted to learn more about the different techniques and mediums of art.

This shows four different drawing strategies we used in class. One is drawing the negative space to get the positive space, pure and modified contour, proportions, and lights and shadows. I learned a lot from lights and shadows because it really makes the art more realistic. I learned the most from modified contour because you focused on the outside edge of things but also focused on proportions. This increased my skills in adding detail but seeing if the detail is correct and proportional.
My drawing skills have really improved this year with my ability to draw correct proportions, details, and the correct lighting. The early hand drawing is the one on the very left and as you can see, it's not proportional and overall does not look real. The art on the very right shows my shading. I really could have done better on this, but some lights and shadows are correct. The middle art is my modified contour hand drawing. In this you can see how my proportions, shading, and overall real-ness of the art improved.
This art work shows chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro is the use of contrast between light and dark to give the illusion of space. This is basically making the art more realistic and makes the features look like they are popping off of the page.
These art works are self portraits. I have greatly improved on my self portrait drawing. The first piece was done during the first week of class and as you can see, it looks nothing like me in real life. The second piece was done later in the year after learning more about self portraits and different techniques, but it still has some issues with it. The last picture is a fragmented self portrait piece that we did close to the end of the year. This piece definitely shows a lot of improvement and it does look more like me.
This piece worked with lights and shadows. I wish I had more time on it because I felt rushed to finish my middle object and I feel I could have done better on it if I had more time. I also wish I could just re-do it completely because the proportions are incorrect and I feel a lot more confident with the use of charcoal then I did before.
These four pieces are the pieces I feel the most proud of out of all my work because I do see the most improvement with my techniques and proportions and color theory with these. I learned how to make the pieces look realistic and proportional while using all of the drawing strategies and elements of art. I learned how to control charcoal and having my own style of doing things and more. I definitely have a lot more confidence in my art and skills than I did at the beginning of the year.
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