Christmas 2016 A Wired Story

After five years of practice the girls know what to expect...
Total devotion to the cause of making the family Christmas photo. And this year it's almost patiently delivered.
Three wise and happy cherubs...
A happy family gathering, complete with confused infants and a slight disrespect for the potential harm of Direct Current...
Until the darkness sets in and the ghosts of forced Christmas photos of the past return...
One "butter wouldn't melt" and one "deceptively cunning helper"...
...and we can say this is the year that Dad and Mum lost control! Perhaps forever.
A once determined fatherly scrooge... reduced to the silent acceptance that he no longer (or perhaps never did) control the proceedings.
A once principled mother... now silently accepting fate.
It's a FACT: the bairns rule Christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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