Good Life Nature Activity At the florida museum of natural history


The Florida Museum of Natural History located at the University Florida is a place where visitors can connect with nature in ways that they are not normally able to, explore the history of our planet, and the importance of nature conservation. Visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History allowed me to connect with the nature present around me, as well as learn about the nature far before human civilization.

Nature on Display

Me in the South Florida Underwater exhibit.

Having grown up in South Florida and being exposed to fishing at such an early age, the room which simulated an underwater scene in the South Florida exhibit of the Natural History Museum piqued my curiosity far more than any other exhibit. I found myself very familiar with the landscape of mangroves which were simulated around the room. The exhibit captured my attention by its striking design when compared to the rooms before and after it. Through this particular exhibit, I learned how diverse the environments off the coasts of South Florida are. The diversity of cultures and animals that were exhibited in the Florida Museum of Natural History was very enjoyable.

Nature and Ethics

Me looking at the intricate details of the mini Calusa Fishing village.

The Natural History Museum makes a very big point to discuss humanity's relation with nature. Particularly through its exhibits of indigenous people, it displays how people and nature should interest in order to be mutually beneficial. This fishing environment shown above provides the sense of how small we individuals are when compared to mother nature as a whole, and how important it is that we take care of the planet we inhabit. When I arrived at the Florida Natural History Museum, I was surprised to see that it was manly filled with families with small children who were learning about nature, and the world that they will inherit. Through the exhibits which fully immersed visitors, such as the underwater South Florida exhibit, visitors were able to complete connect with nature that they otherwise would not have been able to connect to. The exhibits showing human's interactions with nature showed how much work humans need to do to take care of the natural world. It is our responsibility to fix the problems that we have created.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Me being eaten by the Megalodon jaws.

The Natural History Museum transports us into a completely different environment that exposes us to the natural world, a world that we do not get to experience on an every day basis. By encapsulating ourselves in nature, we can truly appreciate the majesty of the natural world. Herschel explains how important it is to appreciate nature, because we don't always get the opportunity to take time to look at the world around us. Without taking the time to appreciate nature, people will forget the importance of protecting the environment.

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