APERTURE PROJECT bailey marie o'loughlin

aperture photo # 1

Aperture is 4.0

aperture photo #2

Aperture is 5.6

aperture photo #3

Aperture is 6.0 my camera messed up so instead of doing a photo in the hallway like the others for aperture 6 i used this one because i had this one with that aperture.

aperture photo #4

Aperture is 8.0

aperture photo #5

Aperture is 11

aperture photo #6

The aperture is 16 my camera does not like to focus so i had to manually focus the camera for this one.

Aperture photo #7

The aperture is 22 the same thing that happened with the photo above happened with this photo.

Aperture photo #8

The aperture for this photo is 25 it is blurry because my camera would not want to focus in on the person in the photo.
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Bailey O'Loughlin

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