Nike SB Dunk High “New Nightmare” 1...2...Freddy's coming for you

Whathever you do... DON'T... FALL... ASLEEP...

The boiler room was where Freddy Krueger worked, and ultimately died. How fitting to have these Nike SB Dunk High “New Nightmare” contained within this box.

Nike SB Dunk High “New Nightmare” fact: This box is actually wooden, painted to look like the furnace.

While Freddy's body burned to ashes in the trapped boiler room, his spirit lived on...in the dreams of those teens who lived on Elm Street.

Contained, for now, but not forever.

Inspired by the glove, the back of the shoe was painted brown with a copper tone. Burnt brown on the front matches Freddy's hat.

I'm your boyfriend now Nancy!

4 Nike swooshes have been sharpened to match the knives on Freddy's glove.

Recognizable by his red and green striped sweater, Freddy's fashion is to die for. Literally.

1...2...the pack comes with custom insoles and custom box labels too...

3...4...custom hangtags galore...

5...6...extra sets of laces and Laced Society dust bags in the mix...

7...8...better stay up late...

9...10... who wants to commission another pair again?

The name Nike SB Dunk High “New Nightmare” is a new take on the original Freddy SB Dunk. Our homage to what Wes Craven did with New Nightmare, taking a classic and modernizing it.