CLAW CU Learning and Assessment Wiki

CU Group Team Contributors

  • Asima Iqbal
  • Alexandra Petre
  • Tanya Vidanagama
  • Elliot Pfebve
  • Ruth Reader

Problem Identified

The assessments do not offer enough detail to be clearly understood by individuals holding different expectations (both academics and students).

Solution Proposed

Actively engage students in the assessment and feedback process by developing a learning partnership between academics and students. This will be done by co-creating a digital resource on assessment literacy, i.e. CU Learning and Assessment Wiki (CLAW)

  • CLAW is an inclusive platform where assessment and feedback taxonomies can be constructed by students for students.
  • The short-term impact is related to assessment literacy by encouraging students to work in a group and with their respective lecturer to decipher their assessment.
  • The platform can also include Tips and Tricks to complete a successful assessment and the meaning behind the feedback that students receive.
  • The long-term impact results from its application in various fields and across various campuses.
  • Building a data bank of terms that encourage assessment flexibility, targeted feedback, and improving the overall attitude towards assessments and NSS responses.

Stakeholders (creation team)

  • Students
  • Lecturer/Tutor
  • Learning Technologists
  • Senior Management

Skills Required

  • Technical coding/wiki writing
  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Research skills
  • Subject specific knowledge
  • Time management


  • Hosted wiki
  • AULA
  • Video recording tools
  • Interactive software (MURAL)
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)


  • Two months to set up the infrastructure and core content
  • Approximately two (2) hours per block (CU Group) and 2x2 hour sessions per semester (Coventry University) for developing the CLAW

Support Required

  • Academic Development
  • Diverse student volunteers
  • Facilitation for co-creation
  • Student reps
  • Certification/Digital badges
  • Senior Management
Created By
Tanya Vidanagama


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