Ed Anderson A Drifting artist seeking to Catalogue Americana around the world.

Storytelling for a digital age with a traditional fine art focus.

Ed's journals and the resultant paintings have been published in print and digital media. He has been sponsored by and collaborated with Patagonia, Gray's Sporting Journal, Sporting Classics, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, the Pro Bull Riding Tour, and many other companies, publications and conservation organizations. His final paintings have been recognized by Western and wildlife organizations and continue to show around the country.

Florida Water, Patagonia and ICast

The scope and project conception are evident in the south Florida water project. He was named featured artist for Patagonia, while journal pages will be published in the Bonefish Tarpon Journal. While at 2017 ICast, he completed a painting to culminate the project. Limited editions of the painting directed philanthropy at Keep Em Wet, Captains for Clean Water and BTT.

"Patagonia Tarpon", 5ft, acrylic and ink on canvas.

The Marsh Project

Illustration of unique Gulf ecosystems through an ongoing marsh project have catalyzed a partnership with Coastal Conservation Association and continues to yield unique paintings and journals. Limited edition prints of the "Marsh Red" have been distributed all over the Southeast.

Journal pages from a Louisiana trip.

Ed's international travels and storytelling style are a favorite of many. He continually looks for great partners to continue the adventure. Ed's reach with publishers, non profits and art aficionados provide a special platform. Contact us about appearances, painting demonstrations and sponsor opportunities.


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