Literacy In Unknown Places

Football is Literacy

In order for a person to be successful in today’s world they have to be literate. To be literate does not just mean that a person knows how to read and write. According to Merriam Webster dictionary it also means to have knowledge that relates to a specified subject. In this sense football is literacy. Imagine you are standing on the fifty yard line in middle of the football field and the other team is about to hike the ball. It is 3rd and three what do you do? In that split second you have to call a play that will counter their play. Is it run or pass, after a week of studying the opponent you decide it’s a run. You call the play and let your teammates know what they need to do. When the ball is snapped you rush is and as you predicted it was handed off to the running back. You stop the running back and the team has to punt. In those few seconds a player has to be aware of the situation and communicate with his team mates. The team is more important than the individual. Football is a team sport that requires teamwork, leadership, communication, awareness, and strong work habits in order for the team to be successful. These skills make football a literacy because in order for a player to be successful they must learn and build these skill.


Football is a team sport because it isn't the individual that wins games but the whole team. When they are together the players practice and strive to better themselves with the overall goal to help the team. They also help each other out by pointing out each others weaknesses with advice on how to overcome those weaknesses. According to the definition for a community is "a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists". Every player on a football team has two goals to improve individually and then use this improvement to help the team win games. These common interests are what makes a football team a community.


In order for there to be good teamwork a bond of trust has to exist between the players. This bond is created through hours of practice on the field in both off season scrimmage and regular season games. This allows the players to not worry about other players on the field and focus on their assignments. By doing this the team is able to accomplish much more than if each individual was just playing to make themselves look better.

Different routes a receiver can run offensive lineups

The only way team work will work is through communication. In a school environment communication with the teacher will put the student in the best place to succeed. She will work along with the so the requirements are met on school work. Over the course of the class period the student will develop a better understanding. He/she will learn to rely and trust the teacher. This will lead to the student to get better grades and this will lead to success in school.


The Washington State football team was interviewed about why their pass rush got so much better in the article "Cougars Credit Communication for Improved Pass Rush” by Jacob Thorpe. The result of their success was due to an improved communication. By improving their communication the Washington State Cougars were able to improve and start winning games. A football team is like a machine, if everything is in its place then the machine will run like it’s supposed to. The only way for this to happen is through team work and communication. A player must know his position, what he is doing and what his assignment is. Everyone on the team has an assignment and they trust that their teammate will do their own part. They communicate with one another to help put each other in the best position possible for the team to succeed. The end result is reached when everyone does their jobs correctly.

In a school environment communication with the teacher will put the student in the best place to succeed. She/he will work along with the student so the requirements are met on school work. This will lead to better grades and make the student more successful in their classroom.

The wide receivers are communicating with one another to make sure the play is understood so it can be carried out efficiently.

The ability to be more conscious about oneself will translate from football to school and work. With this skill a person will become more aware. Football is all about becoming a better player not just individually but as a team; when a person becomes aware of their abilities they will always try to bring those abilities out to their fullest. In school this skill translates into learning the correct ways to do something and so that mistakes can be avoided. The student will become more aware of their grades because those grades are the results of their hard work. This skill of awareness will transfer over to the work environment. The players will be constantly looking for ways to work better and more efficiently without making mistakes.

To Gain is to Risk

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that control a person’s actions. Fear is the reason that so many parents keep their children from playing football. When the subject of whether or not their kids will play football comes up, they say no. This is due to the fact that football is always associated with injuries. The most common injury in football is the injury to the head, which is called a concussion. Sprains are also pretty common too. Since football is such a high impact sport injuries can’t be avoided. However the risk of those injuries can be lowered. Many people say that playing football is dangerous. They also say that there is no benefit from playing this full contact sport. This claim is incorrect because there are skills such as communication, awareness and teamwork that are developed through playing the game of football.

There are high risks from playing football such as concussions, re-injuring of old injuries, and injuries to any part of the body yet, there are ways to decrease the chances of getting injured. According to the article "Six Key Factors to Prevent Football Injuries”, these key factors are: “wearing the right protective equipment, doing warm ups and cool downs, incorporating strength training, hydrate, tackle with head up, and do not continue playing injured”. When a person uses the right techniques they are less likely to get injured. Injuries aren’t a benefit because they could affect a player’s entire season. This article mentions ways that a person can better protect themselves through the skill that the players learn so that they can continue having success. I can conclude that when I stretched and hydrated properly my body felt positive. I noticed that after the games I body wasn’t as sore and didn’t hurt as much compared to when I rushed my stretches. Through out the football season a player will learn how to take care of their body mentally and physically with preparation. In school preparation is necessary to be successful, if you want to have a good grade you have to be ready for everything the teacher assigns. The students that aren't prepared usually don't do very well in the classroom.


For a person to succeed in football they must develop skills such a teamwork, awareness and communication in order to be a successful player. These skills allow players to learn and understand the game. They will know what to do in every situation because of the preparation that they have put in. These skill that they will while playing football will transfer over to a academic environment where the players will be able to build and improve on these skill in the classroom. The benefits outweigh the negative aspects of playing football since most injuries are temporary while that skill that a player learns while playing football are with them for the rest of their life.

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