Catapulting Our way to Victory! By: Hunter ball, Emma Taylor, and Kate Brunetti

Original Idea

Our original idea was based off of a design we found on google images, shown below. We really liked the concept of it, but we also felt we couldn't use this exact design, because it used too many pieces we wouldn't have available to us or would cost too much.

The 45 Degree angle connectors would be too much to be able to use, so we had to redesign it. Also, the catapult would be too big to use, because we had to make the catapult under a certain hight, width, and length.

Designing the Catapult

When we started designing the catapult, we went through a few different phases, going from a design like the picture we found, to only one 45 degree angle, until settling on the design below. With only 30 feet of PVC and a total of 10 connectors, we made sure we would save as much as possible, and we ended up with about 10 extra feet of PVC.


Once we got our materials, we got to building. Everything was working well until we were almost done, when we had a little bit of trouble with the T connector connecting the catapult base, because it would not move like it should have, but we tried another T connector and got it to work.


When testing, we realized that we had to angle the catapult in order for the ball to go straight. We also had to redo some of our shots because we found out that we have to start measuring distance at the back of the catapult instead of the front.


Our Conclusion

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