Harn Museum

This piece of art was particularly interesting to me. I am a Christian and therefore believe that we all have souls. This is what this piece communicates to me. It shows what I believe to be a soul sitting within the human body. How they painted this so well I am not sure, but it was beautiful to me. Perhaps it is suppose to mimic an X-ray or something, but regardless its simplicity is what makes it such a great piece of art. There is nothing fancy in technique, but the message comes through loud and clear and this is what art is about. To see it in person was also special. It showed the chest area and the leg area with this same shadow like object in the body. If I had not seen it in person, I may have just thought it was a photo shopped picture or something, but since it was a painting, it had much more meaning.

These exhibits caught my eye very well and were very attractive. They are well designed. The statue and pot put in a nature like exhibit like this make you feel like they are natural and somehow belong in nature. They also bring out the beauty of the pieces a lot more over them being in a standard exhibit. As a matter of fact, I would have overlooked both of these pieces without this type of exhibit. It also allows you to focus on the art more because it is isolated from all of the other displays. For some reason these pieces belonged on their own. The statue to me was much better than the pot. It was much more interesting to look at and was a more advanced piece, but the displays definitely made both more interesting.

This piece appealed to some of my core values. Like the other piece of art I mentioned above, this too appeals to my christian values. This piece shows you can be with god anywhere and be at peace as well. They are offering prayer in the middle of the Forrest. Perhaps they were on a spiritual journey of some sort. Whatever they were doing they seemed to have found what they were looking for and I strive to do the same in my life.

Many pieces of art can help us to understand what a good life is. This piece did that for me. This painting to the artist was about the light pushing through the bars of personal confinement. I actually got more out of it. I saw it more as locked and blurred ideas and ways of life. I saw it as inspirational though as these things can be overcome since it is no longer blurred at the top. I interpretted this as a message to stick to your beliefs and live your own style of life. You do not have to conform to the norms.


Harn Museum art collection

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