Medieval Japan Summative by kyle seo


The feudal system helped keep structure in Japan. At the top was the shogun, then the diamyo, followed by the samurai, and finally the peasants. The shogun gave the diamyo land. The diamyo gave the samurai and peasants land. Also he gave the shogun samurai to protect them. The samurai gave loyalty and protection for the diamyo. Finally the peasants gave everyone food.

Everyone gives each other things essential for living and protection. It is also a fair trade for everyone and it works for everyone. If society was run by social ranking, there would probably be revolts.

Picture taken without permission from 2/10/17


Bushido is known as ¨The Way of the Warrior¨. Samurai need to be loyal, fearless, and obedient to the diamyo and shogun. Samurai need to value personal honor more than their lives.

It makes sure that samurai are very respectful and respected. The samurai have to protect the diamyo and shogun because they are an important part of society. Without this, society would change and samurai would not be loyal.

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Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism appeals to samurai because it emphasizes on effort and discipline. Zen uses meditation to achieve enlightenment. They must think deeply and solve difficult questions.

People meditate and focus so they can learn how to be better. This makes people disciplined and loyal to one another. Without Zen Buddhism, society would be more aggressive and less disciplined.

Picture taken without permission from 2/10/17

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