teachers don't get paid enough

Have you ever heard a teacher gets mad because you don't have a pencil and ask him or her for one. He or she does this because she doesn't have the money to buy a ton of pencils. Teacher don't get paid enough one earth.Teachers should have a higher salary because they have a low salary to show this they have to deal with children,and do a ton of student loans .

Teachers don't make enough money. In maryland teachers make on average 43,235 .

(1) That not enough money to pay for pencils and sharpeners if you include their house bills and taxes and paying off student loans; (2) And if they had more money us kid might have a better education.

The student loans they have to pay. Ms.lenox has about $100,000 in student loans that will never go away even if she dies right now.And she only makes $56,452 a year. This show that teachers don't get paid enough because there student loans are almost doubled what they make.And the loans will never go away.

On the other hand the teachers knew what they were getting into when they went to college.Would you go to college without know how much you will earn.It is comon senes to know what you will wast on college compred to what you will make.Also all the teachers i ask said they know what they weeere going in to.

With all this considered teachers should get paid more.

As you can see teacher should be paid more

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