🍔Digestive system🍔 Made by:Richaye LANDRUM

🤗The mouth help you eat 🤗

The saliva help break down tethe food so it can be some smooth and small.


When a person swallows, these sphincters relax so food can pass into the stomach. When not in use, they contract so food and stomach acid do not flow back up the esophagus.


Stores food and turn it into liquid?

Small intestines

The small intestine is the part of the intestines where 90% of the digestion and absorption of food occurs, the other 10% taking place in the stomach and large intestine.

Large intestine

Ions and nutrients released by gut bacteria and dissolved in water are also absorbed in the large intestine and used by the body for metabolism. The dried, condensed fecal matter is finally stored in the rectum and sigmoid colon until it can be eliminated from the body through the process of defecation.

5th period

Hope you in joyed my project.

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