Age of Exploration Kiera Gilbert 4A

The Silk Road

The causes of The silk road

Trading tricks; it causes Chinese to be tricked and have more problems involved with everyone. Danger; It caused many issues like Bandits. Bandits were a common threat along the Silk Road. The bandits learned that not only silk was being traveled through those roads, but also gold, precious stones, It was also very expensive, it was popular but very expensive and went through the Roman empire.

Effects of Silk Road

With the problems and the danger and the expensiveness the silk road had it was cut off. Because of the silk road being cut off America and pretty much the whole world exists today because of it. Even though the technology was cut off during this it helped us learn and improve new technology.

Life on the Sea

causes of life on the Sea

Sailors diet and well being was not great at all. Many of the people on ships got Diseases like Scurvy because of vitamin deficiencies, it also gave them rotted teeth and even mental breakdowns. Most of the time the daily meals on ships were sauerkraut and vegetable soup. Many men also did not join willingly, they were forced into service on the ship. The pay was also very poor, sailors on the Columbus ship made less than $10 a month in today's money. Also it was harsh because the journey on ships could take up to years, and the ships only covered 100 miles a day.

Effects of life on the Sea

Most of the time the diet and diseases killed half the men working on the ships, most of the time the food would leave to Scurvy because of the vitamin deficiencies. Another effect was death AT sea, ships could be dangerously cold

Triangular trade

effects of triangular trade

Crops, sugar, tobacco and cotton were in the main trade deals which led to a better culture in the America's. Manufactured goods, new technology were tested through trade, for instance the printing press which led to the Europeans to have more power.

Effects of triangular trade

Depopulation in Africa ; males 15-25 who were the created production inventive and skilled segment of the population. Because of the triangular trade it helped World power in Europe, it helped the empires grow and remain with world powers. It also allowed Europe to colonize easier. Culture in the America's because of the trade gained African culture, ideas,language,religion, and views on government. It also gained with ,usic, foods and art and technology.

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