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Daily Youth Devotional: Josh McDowell Ministries daily devotional for youth. Recommended for Middle School

Daily Student Devotionals: Resource for daily devotionals for students. Recommended for High School


RightNow Media: The Netflix of Christian video content. Currently there is a lot of curated content for youth, kids, Bible Studies, current event relevant studies, etc... Request an Account

Berean Youth-Parents Facebook Group: Join this group to be in an online community of parents. We will periodically post content and announcements as well.

Berean Family Resources Page: Berean Family Ministries has many resources available for walking your kids through the milestones. Use the provided resources to work on the next milestone during this time, Or simply follow along with the Family Ministry Blog.

Axis: Axis is an organization that helps parents navigate the world of GenZ Culture. The have many resources from a Culture Translator weekly email, to guides on current trends, app, language, and more. These guides often include conversation guides to help you have a conversation with your teenager.Because so much of today is online, it is more important than ever that we know how teenagers are using social media and the internet to interact and connect with others.

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding: This is an online resource that help parents understand todays youth. They offer many free resources from a blog, to podcasts. Because so much of today is online, it is more important than ever that we know how teenagers are using social media and the internet to interact and connect with others.

Lifeway Girls: Lifeway's site for parenting and discipling girls. This is full of resources for books, to blogs, to ebooks etc...


Groups Online: Use this resource to access contact information for you students and parents. Your login is the same email and password you use for Planning Center Services

GroupMe: Group texting. This is one option for setting up a group chat for your small group. It is free, easy to share and add people, and exists as a mobile app and a web page making it easily accessible for everyone. After you create a group you can add people via your contacts, or send out a link to your group so they can join.

Google Hangouts: This is a group texting application by Google and is a part of the free Google account. Hangouts does allow group video chatting for up to 10 people. Once you create a group you can send an invitation to join via email.

Facebook Messenger: Free Group Chat via Facebook. You must have an account to use. This is a great group chat application that allows group video chat. It has both a Mobile app, and browser version.

Zoom: Online Video conferencing/chatting. Zoom as has a free option for meeting online via video. This can be used to video chat with your small group. Simply create a free account, Schedule a meeting under the my account menu, and copy the link for the meeting and send it out to your students and parents.