Spinoza by: Maranda Mccomish

When Spinoza spoke of god he didn't think of human attributes such as seeing, hearing or tasting. Instead he believed that God is everything natural.

Spinoza believed that God does not have the power to create miracles such as turning water into wine or curing the sick. Many of these miracles revolved around disrupting the laws of nature where Spinoza believed that God was these powers of nature.

One important quote from Spinoza is "As the love of God is man's highest happiness and blessedness, and the ultimate end and aim of all human actions, it follows that he alone lives by the Divine law who loves God not from fear of punishment, or from love of any other object, such as sensual pleasure, fame, or the like; but solely because he has knowledge of God, or is convinced that the knowledge and love of God is the highest good." This quote can be confusing as it refers to love from his God as "the love of God" instead of the love of nature or the natural world. Overall Spinoza's unique ideas sparked a new era for philosophy surrounding God.

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