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Class 1 Assignment

For Class 1, ideally you will need to take headshot photograph of someone else. If you can’t then a ‘selfie’ is acceptable. In the classroom this would be an excellent opportunity for students to collaborate by taking photographs of each other.

Once you are happy with your image, use Adobe Photoshop to enhance the image, retouch, resize and crop. Your image should be 404 x 404 pixels suitable for social media. (404x404 works for most platforms).

Publish your images in Behance and add the Behance link to the EdEx assignment forum.

Class 1 Assignment: Rubric for Success

In order to be rated a 3 or above, your Class 1 assignment should meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • A good quality headshot, retouched and sized for social media
  • Upload your original Image to Behance
  • Add a note of the skills that you used

It includes a “Learning Journal” reflection on your process.

Classroom Impact. Spend some time considering the following:

What are the key takeaways from this lesson? What impact will this activity have on your learners? How would you teach this to your learners?


Original image before:
Edited image after:

I ended up choosing a selfie pic to edit. I actually tried to add another background to see if I could enhance the portrait better. After using the select and mask and making more edits to the mask, I decided the picture looked fake. Though the original background is a little distracting, I took some of the shine away from the chair I was sitting in which seemed to make the background more bearable.

The skills I used:

  • Camera Raw Filter: I enhanced the color and I used the spot healing tool to take away blemishes on the face.
  • Clone Tool: I selected the all layers button and created a new layer. I cloned the areas of the face that had a lot of shine.
  • Dodge Tool and Quick Selection Tool: I selected the teeth and clicked on the Dodge Tool while in Midtones at 50% exposure and slightly brightened my teeth.
  • Crop Tool: I cropped the image to the 404 px by 404 px and flattened the image and saved as so I could upload the image to my Spark learning journal and Behance.

I have realized after watching the assignment videos and completing this assignment that a profile image should reflect who you really are. The background, clothing, lighting, etc. makes a big difference in how one can portray oneself. I plan to teach my students how to take a good picture, and how to edit their own picture.

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