School of Life Series 1, Class 1

"We have the ability to create using energy from our conscience or unconscience mind" Herwig Schoen

How can we create? Thought + Emotion. Thought is the content of creation. Emotion is the energy.

What about the things we do not want in our lives? How do we get rid of them?

  1. Emotional energy of pain is often encapsulated in the heart or emotional body - it is too painful to release it so it gets buried.
  2. Interpretation to keep it from ever happening again - we have an automated content response. Set content
  3. Emotion charges enough content that it repeats itself. Draws the same energy to them. Imprints - they need to change.
  4. In order to change this cycle and rid things we do not want, we have to deepen our awareness of what exists now in order to be able to shift the energy.

Rules of Internal Practice:

  • Thought and emotion are energy
  • Pathways from energy are engrained in the brain - of thought and emotion.
  • The brain can shift through internal practice or meditation through consist practice, training.
  • Consistency is the key - 20 minutes is the minimum time
  • You will be substituting habits that don't serve to habits that serve
  • It is best to do it early in the morning - when your mental plane is very quiet.
  • Sit up with with your back straight, unsupported (or low back supported). This engages your central nervous system.
  • Relax your body - this is very important
  • Repeat this every two hours for one minute - as best as possible.
  • Try to do your quiet time at the same time, in the same place every day.
Assignment: Quiet Time for 20 minutes every day. Sit straight with an unsupported back, close your eyes, direct your intension inward to whatever is present. Observe it, be with it, allow things to come and go, thoughts and emotions both. Don't engage with them - just observe them.

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