Keep It Sparkling By Jamison Davis

Happy New Year!! To say that we are already about two weeks into 2020 is so satisfying. Especially since it is the start of the decade, it is a great time to finally go through with all of the health-related resolutions that you have been trying to commit to. One of my biggest resolutions this year is to cut down on sugar...which could prove to be a problem. I love drinking pop, specifically root beer, so I've been experimenting over the past couple of weeks for healthier options, and the favorite right now is sparkling water.

Honestly, drinking sparkling water instead of pop took some getting used to. I only say this because the main ingredients in most brands are carbonated water (of course), and some type of fruit puree or fruit juice. That's it, no added sugar! Luckily, my mom is also in love with this new drink favorite of mine, so it was easier to adjust, since it was in my house all of the time. Over the past couple weeks, I've tried multiple brands: Spindrift, Belle Vie (from Aldi), Trader Joe's brand, Perrier, even La Croix, but honestly, Spindrift is the number one favorite out of all of them.

My new favorite flavor: Cranberry Raspberry

Spindrift has one of the widest varieties of sparkling water flavors that I've seen across the board, and it's actually fun to see which new flavor I can pick up at the store next. Now, I'm not here to endorse Spindrift or anything, but if you want to jump on the sparkling water train, this is a great brand to get started on! There's enough sugar from the fruit that it's not bitter, but not enough to make you feel guilty about drinking it, so you can actually enjoy the refreshing drink that you're putting in your body. Put good in, get good out!

For the record, you don't need to do some drastic transformation or completely change your diet to make 2020 your year. But, sparkling water is definitely the newest trend that you could hop on, just for fun. Here's to a new year and new chances for all of us!