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Habits of Mind Used: Flexibility and Engagement

As we get to the end of the school year, I can’t imagine a single person at any university that is not excruciatingly stressed out and lowkey miserable. Very optimistic, I know. It is merely a sad truth. We have all left our major projects to the last minute and are simply overwhelmed. It is crazy to think that there is only one week left of classes in my freshman year. Who knew I’d make it. I think for me, more than some other students, this year was very different for me. I am from Massachusetts so I have never been this far from home for this long. It honestly wasn’t even that bad because I have always been very independent. I am very glad I came to Clemson even if this year hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. I have a lot to look forward to next year, so it definitely won’t be hard to come back next year. I love where I am living next year, my schedule is perfect, the classes I am taking are interesting and I have plans to join a sorority. So overall it’ll be a lot of fun next year.

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This brings me into my first habit of mind used: engagement. Overall the classes I took this year made it difficult for me to be engaged. I personally tend to do better work when I actually care about the class I am taking. I mean no offense, but English is not a class that interests me. I was never a big writer and even though I am decent at writing it just doesn’t interest me at all. I think that made it difficult for me to stay focused in this class. There are some projects I am very proud of and others that I am more disappointed in. I felt like my research essay was pretty terrible. It definitely wasn’t my best work and I apologize for that. I think it is important to do your best work in everything you do even if it doesn’t matter that much. I chose not to revise it for two reasons. The first is that I don’t feel like I need the extra points, nor do I think I’d get any back. The second is that I feel like there’s really no hope for that essay. In general I hate going back to old projects. Once I finish them I feel relieved that I am done. The thought of going back and revising it makes me cry a little on the inside.

I also worked on metacognition lately. I find that most of my classes require a lot of self-reflections. Especially in comm and this class. I honestly don’t mind them in this class but I don’t think I take the reflections seriously in communications. I think this is mostly because I don’t put in a ton of effort in comm, so my speeches are always kinda terrible and I always say I need to improve on a bunch of stuff. I don’t think the intro level comm courses really help us become better speakers. This is based on my own experience and the way I have to format my speeches is in such a way that NO ONE would ever speak that way. No one talks like “now that I’ve told you about that, I will talk about this.” Just doesn’t happen. I think if they allowed us to use powerpoints and have less structure speeches, the class would be far more beneficial. In general I think if we have less guidance in assignments, students would make much more creative projects.


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