COVID-19 Update for 4/22 By: grinesa Bajrami

#1 The Current Count

There are 2,628,527 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, which have caused 183,424 deaths. In the United States, there are 852,703 confirmed cases, with 47,750 of those cases causing deaths. In Nevada, there are 3,937 confirmed cases and 163 deaths. 

#2 In the United States

Since non-essential businesses were closed, numerous Americans have been protesting against their government, urging that certain businesses, such as salons, be reopened. Southern states, such as South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, have been reopening businesses.

#3 In Nevada

Since Nevada's economy strives on casinos, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has pushed for the reopening of casinos. She was interviewed by Anderson Cooper of the matter today. However, Goodman claimed she would not be going to casinos should they reopen, to protect her family.

#4 In Other News

In Nova Scottia, Canada, there was the worst Canadian mass shooting with the death toll at 23. To combat this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling a ban on all assault-style weapons.

#5 If You're Bored

To help people at home workout more, apps such as CrossFlow Yoga App are out to help people with at home yoga. Also, YouTube streamers are creating at home videos and live streams to help those meditate.


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