Rhetorical Devices By: Deshawna Holsted, Fuschia Carter, azarely lopez, and micheal.

Antithesis: a contrast or difference between two things. Example: Her attitude was the antithesis of a winner.

Alliteration:The constant repetition of similar constants, sounds, and vowels. Example: Timmy told Taylor a lie.

Anastrophe- Reversal of the normal word order in a phrase or sentence. Example: She because was sad people made fun of her.

Apophasis- is believing that by denying something that will or should be discussed. Example : I won’t even mention what those evil kids did to my bed set.

Apposition- a noun or word that follows another noun, while also renaming or identifying what it is. Example: My sister Charisma does not like cats.

Asyndeton- is a incomplete or incorrect sentence, the absence of a conjunction in the parts of a sentence. Example: incorrect: I came I saw I conquered. Correct: I came, I saw, I conquered.

Climax-The most profound, astonishing, relevant part of a novel or movie. Ex: The climax of the novel If I Stay By: is at the end of the book when Adam puts a pair of headphones on Mia’s head and turn the classical music up. Mia squeezes Adam’s hand to show that she’s staying.

Ellipsis- a literacy tool that is used in a story or novel omit a sentence, phrase, or event which gives the reader a chance to comprehend what is happening. Example: I don’t know how to tell you this. . .I’m pregnant.

Euphemism- a substitutional word, phrase, or sentence that replaces the information or news that is too unpleasant or severe. Example: A doctor would say unfortunately your grandma passed away instead of saying she’s dead get over it.

Hyperbole- an over exaggerated statement or declared claim that is not to be taken literal. Example: I am so thirsty that I could drink 10 gallons of water.


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