Fires of Freya Original Rock band

New Single "Complicated" Out Now!

Cheryl Reynolds – Lead Vocalist and Keyboard
Shaun Evans – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Harry Iveson – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Dan Baldwin – Drums

Eclectic, Emotive, Rock!

Fires of Freya are a North East of England based rock band with exhilarating monster guitar riffs, soaring solo's and powerhouse smokey vocals. Their supercharged emotive music is an eclectic mix of rock songs that happily experiment within multiple genres and push all boundaries to create a sound that is uniquely theirs! This is a band that refuse to be placed into any one genre! The band offer electrifying live performances time and time again that are engaging from the very first note to the last.

The bands debut single ‘Take a Bow’ was released in September 2019 and has amassed over 32k streams on Spotify alone, multiple plays on the iconic Planet Rock radio station as well as plays on radio stations worldwide.

Their second studio release, 'Complicated’, was released in February 2020 and has amassed almost 7k streams to date, again with multiple plays on radio stations worldwide! Both studio tracks wouldn’t feel out of place on a Black Stone Cherry or Shinedown album, with a modern blues rock vibe present.

The band are currently working on their debut album which will include tracks with an array of influences and genres (grunge, pop-rock, punk-rock, hard rock, funk rock, blues rock and soft rock to name just a few!). Within these tracks will be rock ballads ‘Give a Reason’, ‘Bullet’ and the bands newest offering, 'Strangest Times' which is their emotional response to the Covid-19 pandemic and to the loss of a good friend and supporter of the band. These tracks are similar material to what you may hear from the likes of Alter Bridge, Halestorm, HIM, Queen or even Evanescence or Fleetwood Mac!

Fires of Freya's sound has progressed within the last few years and continues to develop, the band are certainly not afraid to take risks, making it difficult to pigeonhole them into one specific genre or sub genre – something they’re extremely proud of and will continue!

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NARC. Magazine

"For a band who are barely two years old, Durham/Sunderland four-piece Fires of Freya have come a pretty long way since their debut releases, the live EPs Crash & Burn and Muddy Waters released last year, and it’s with new single Take A Bow that their recipe of adrenaline-charged rock and raw vocals really shines. Take A Bow has ‘radio friendly rock’ written all over it; the track throbs with a slow-burning intensity thanks to bluesy riffs and Cheryl Reynolds’ brilliantly smoky vocals, which take on an occasional throaty rumble, while Shaun Evans does a pretty neat line in guitar solos. The increasingly fast and furious tempo towards the end amply showcases the band’s intuitive playing, and their first studio recording demonstrates a pleasingly slick rock track with just enough grit to make you hit ‘repeat’."

NE Volume Magazine

"The latest single by North East outfit Fires of Freya, titled ‘Complicated’, brings a sound that immediately demands your attention with a rhythmic lick that solidifies the elegant melody that is heard throughout the track. Known for their eclectic style of music, ‘Complicated’ is a tasteful mix of blues and soft-rock that produces a sophisticated sound that is a pleasure to listen to. The vocals by Cheryl Reynolds are as soulful as ever and bring genuine emotion to the tracks’ subject matter. The guitar licks are particularly beautiful and deserve high praise as the solo managed to wash over me with an intense feeling of euphoric weightlessness – like I was peacefully floating in the ocean. Real, genuine music should always manage to invoke feelings and provide intense experiences for the listener – and ‘Complicated’ does just that."


Without Light by Velton J Lishke

The bands track "Give a Reason" from their debut EP "Crash and Burn" was also selected to feature in two short film directed by Velton J Lishke named "Without Light" and "Hollie" which were both released in 2019 and have been nominated for multiple awards.

Created By
Cheryl Reynolds