Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Jackson Gore

Nature on Display

I found the Butterfly Rainforest brought me closest to nature. Unlike the other exhibits, the Butterfly Rainforest allowed me to completely immerse myself in a world that was unique to me. There were no plastic models or dead fossils, but rather a real environment with numerous species of flora and fauna. The Butterfly Museum removed me from society and allowed me to look at raw nature, similar to how Henry David Thoreau felt when he wrote Walden.

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest helped me realize that we as humans need to protect our natural environment around us. We take for granted the beautiful world we are given and try to create something of our own. While creation is good for humans, we cannot forget where we came from and appreciate the world we were given as it came to us. I saw many faces in the Butterfly Museum full of pure awe at the sight of the vibrantly colored butterflies and we cannot lose natural beauties such as rainforests.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Butterfly Museum allows those that view it to remove themselves from their everyday lives. When I walked into the exhibit, I left my stresses from other classes outside and attempted to fully immerse myself in the rainforest. I heard unique sounds and saw one-of-a-kind sights that i would never see in a normal day for me. It is crucial that humans connect with nature and abandon the burdens of societal norms form time to time because we can lose touch of what is important: finding ourselves. The mundane tasks of everyday can often distract us from our purpose and it is crucial that we spend time in nature in order to remove the distractions form discovering our identities and our purposes.

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