Senior Citizen By: Devin Kastenschmidt

Senior year of high school, graduating in less than a year, moving out to the "real world" all on my own. I've learned a lot about things, and about myself as well this past semester.

Why is it called the "real world?"

My parents and teachers alike have all stressed the importance of college and work habits. Seniors are all on a much different page however. The fact that we are "done" with school and and a little work to do what needs to be done. I myself feel it in some aspects much more than others.

I've finally been accepted to college, I know just how hard it is to do well in college, much more than high school. One of my skills that needs work and to fine tune is my own writing. This will be crucial for furthering my education and opening me up to potential careers.

This semester in English we've had to write out essays, do research, and reflect upon ourselves as well. A well rounded schedule for our writing that focused on the details as we went around this "writing cycle" all semester long. I thank my teachers past and present for helping me get to where I am today and where I'll go tomorrow.

I sincerely feel like my writing has improved all semester as I've learned to address certain aspects of pieces of my written works. I've never been very good with persuasive pieces, however this year when we did it and talked through how to write one effectively. I know now that I can write one, maybe not perfectly, but without a doubt much better than when I first walked in Mr. McKinney's room.

In finishing the portion based on persuasion, I learned one of the more obvious answers I should have seen a long time ago. It was my clicking moment of the semester. Nobody who doesn't work hard enough on anything will be taken seriously, or even considered at all.

The thing I feel I've improved the best on however, is my textual evidence and uses of evidence in general. I'd say my best example would be from the "Of Mice And Men Message" we did last class. I used about 4-5 strong pieces of evidence to show what message I saw conveyed from Steinbeck. I also was able to easily compare it to real world examples as well. I thought that piece showed how much I've improved from this semester alone.

Looking back throughout this semester I'm glad to say that I'm pleased with all the work I've put in and feel much more prepared for college and my later life. I would say it's been one of my better semesters at NHS, and it's always good to end on a high note. Hopefully the trend continues throughout May.


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