- Athlete Spotlight - Peter Grumley Ironman TEXAS 2017

This Irish-Mexican Assassin came to Texas with about 8 weeks of solid training and a laser focus on one goal, improve on his previous Ironman Race time of 13:31:09

In the build up to IMTEXAS, Peter did all of his training exclusively on the trainer and had a fair amount of back to back 3+ hour ride days, which is pretty typical for our AG athletes.

It showed on race day as Peter's bike split was 5:37:30, which was 1:06:00 faster than his previous Ironman bike split.

Peter finished the day strong, negative splitting the marathon(50 minutes faster than 16) and going 2 hours faster than his 2016 Ironman time. Great job Peter!


I felt solid on the bike, shaving an hour off my previous best, however the run was a big win for me. After applying last minute advise form Andy, I went out and controlled the steadiest paced run I have ever had taking another hour off my previous best run time. I finished the run like we discussed...faster! For the first time I felt like I controlled the race pace and the effort. I felt so solid and prepared for this race. Since joining AP racing a few months ago, they have given me the tools, support and training to reach my goals and start the journey of turning me into the athlete I want to be. Thank you Daniel and Andy for being there for me and mentoring me at a drop of a hat, listening and helping me become a better athlete while getting me to race day fitness and keeping me healthy with no "old man pains"! Can't wait to see what I can achieve with AP Racing over the coming years. Sorry Daniel but you will have to put up with my continued questions on a daily basis!

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