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Do movies promote people to not give up on their dreams? In the movie that is based on a true story, Chasing Mavericks a boy named Jay has a dream to surf monstrous waves. In the documentary The Endless Summer, two men decide to go on an adventure around the world to spend their time doing what they love. By doing these things these men showed that to fulfill your life you need to make the things you want happen even when it does not seem realistic.
Do movies send kids the wrong idea when it comes to fitting in? In the movie Grease, the "cool" high school students are showed smoking and acting rebellious and in the movie Mean Girls the popular kids are showed bullying. These movies can give kids a negative example when it comes to how they should act in school.
Are animated disney movies sending positive or negative signals to kids when it comes to body image? In the movies Aladdin and Cinderella, both of the main characters, Jasmine and Cinderella, are shown to be very petite with there body image. I would hope that this makes kids strive to be healthy, but it also my make kids feel bad about how they look if they do not look like these princesses.
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