Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History Daniel Plattner

Nature on Display

I felt the frog exhibit was a perfect displacement of nature on display. To start I found the design of this exhibit to be quite amazing. In the little tank that the frog was in it had so much: plenty of food for the frog to eat, a waterfall and many moist places for the frogs to hide, sleep, and just to relax, and there were many other frogs in the exhibit. It was basically a little society. It captured my attention 1.) because I lived frogs growing up and 2.) it said poisonous frogs and being a boy and loving danger this was the one that stuck out to me the most. I learned that there is many dangers in the world that I don't know about especially coming form such a cute little frog. It allows for my perspective of my medium to change on viewing creatures in the outside world. It was so cool seeing all the different frogs from around the world in this exhibit.

Nature and Ethics

I feel the Natural History museum did a great job of experiencing nature how Leopold wanted people to feel it. In the butterfly exhibit where we could actually walk outside in the fresh air and surround ourselves with nature itself. It was actually very calming to be outside in this environment. The air smelled clear and all the animals were in harmony with the rays of sunlight glowing into the exhibit. The group I went with all had the same feelings I had and were mesmerized by this environment. This was all thanks to the museum for allowing people to enter into the exhibit. Its one thing to see an exhibit from outside its domain but when you are actually put into the exhibit it really allows you to take it all in. Being inside the exhibit definitely did instill a new effort in wanting to make our environment more clean to have exhibits like this be possible outside in actual nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Coming to this museum really allows for one to step out of their ordinary life and take a step in a more peaceful, calm, and naturalistic side of life. Coming into the butterfly exhibit really allowed me to see the true beauty invested into nature. There are so many beautiful things out there and it just takes the train eye and mind to come forth and see it. One just cant stick their hand out and birds and all these other animals will come surrounding you but at this exhibit it almost felt like that would happen if you were to do it. Nature can be very ugly sometimes but at the same time it can be the most beautiful thing in the world. One needs to take steps back in order to really see the true mystery of nature and only then will they grasp and understanding for it.

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