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What should I wear today for school? Have you ever wondered that and lost track of time because you were to busy trying to find something to cool to wear to school. Do you like uniforms or do you prefer not having uniforms? Well personally I prefer uniforms. Before I thought that not having uniforms were good but now since I have researched a bit about it I think that uniforms are way better.

People think that wearing a uniform is so much better but but other people think that wearing whatever you want is better for them. Personally I think that uniforms are better and I am gonna make sure you think that to. First of all uniforms impact how people act. Do those people act good or bad? “We have the right to freedom of expression and would like to keep it that way” - A student who had no uniforms to school. Most of the research I found says that wearing a uniform can decrease the bullying and violence around the school. It also leads to academic gains and achievements. Some research shows that uniforms can make people act better to teachers and other students. Students show more respect and kindness to one another because they are not judging each other on what they wear.

Are you still wondering why uniforms are better than nothing? Well here you go. There is less bullying or arguing over who's wearing designer things and who's not. Uniforms decrease ganging up on certain people if all students are wearing the same things. And also if there is a robber at the school you will notice him and or her because they are wearing something different.There is better connection to the school.Uniforms can have an impact on students grades and behaviours. A principal says that schools that have a smart dress code says that not only getting dressed up in the morning is a lot easier but the students who wear uniforms are role models for younger students.Students who have uniforms missed one day less of class in the school year than the people who have no uniforms to wear.

Do uniforms make schools better? Uniform do actually make schools better because schools protect students from drug and alcohol which if they don’t adults will start talking about how the school is bad for students in that specific grade. When students don't have to worry about the clothes they wear in school they can focus more on their homework and more about school. Poor and rich kids look the same so there is less bullying about that. The school also makes more money. And if students are on a trip and they are wearing their school uniforms the teachers know that they are their kids which makes them organized and other people might see them and think the school is responsible and they might send their kid/kids there.

Why bother study this at all? Well uniform do actually can do a variety of things. So what do you think now? Are uniforms better or is free dress everyday better?

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