The Adventure of a Lifetime By: Jenna Silverman

Before my hiking trip, I had to spend an entire day packing out for it. Packing is very diffucult because you need to be prepared to face anything at any time in the back country since you are in remote areas where you can not get to safety immediately. I had to be prepared for any weather conditions. This picture shows my hiking pack when it was all finished. It is important to pack extremely light when going on a hiking trip because you have to carry everything you bring with you. In my hiking pack was my clothes which consisted of a flannel, a rain coat, 2 hiking pants, rain pants, a fleece, thermal underwear, a few shirts, hiking socks, a bathing suit, a hat, and bug repellent gear. I also had to bring a sleep bag, sleeping pad, and a tent. Lastly, I had to bring pots, pans, and mini stoves as well as sanitation equipment like soap and scrubs. My counselors brought the food in their packets which consisted of pre-made meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 4 days. Some food we ate was oatmeal, rice and beans, tuna, cheese, bread, peanut butter, pretzels and many things that were high in protein to give us energy to hike. We also had to bring two Nalgene water bottles that were 32 ounces each. Hydration packs are also useful in the backcountry. We had to bring a water purifier called Aquamira because we cannot drink water straight out of a lake or river. We had to put purifying drops into our water to make it safe to drink Lastly, we needed hiking boots and sandals for the camp site along with tooth brushes and tooth paste. Everything listed above had to fit into my single pack that is shown in the picture. The was hard and the pack and heavy, but back countries are all about powering through the toughness.

Day 1: This picture was taken on the first day of our trip. We had to hike 5 miles to our first campsite through the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula. This was long, tiring and draining, but it was relieving when we finally got to our campsite.

This picture was also taken in the same spot as the previous picture. This picture shows some of the friends I went with on my trip and what the packs looked like. My trip consisted of 8 campers and 2 staff.
This picture was taken when we got to our first camp site. This camp site was extremely buggy and we were getting eaten by the second. We delt with this problem by staying in our tents as much as possible besides for dinner.
Day 2: This was me before my huge hike on the second day of our trip.
We had to cross a river on day 2 of our hiking trip to get to another hiking path. This was hard because we were in hiking boots and the river was pretty deep so we got soaking wet. We made the best of the situation though and jumped from stone to stone in the river to try to get less wet.
Shortly after crossing the river, something really bad happened. My hiking boot got stuck in inches deep of mud. We struggled to get it out of the mud for over 10 minutes. We almost completely lost it and then I would have not been able to continue my camping trip since you can't hike in one boot! I also ruined all my clothes because they got covered in mud.
The excitement of finally getting to my campsite on the second day after hours and hours of hiking is shown in this picture. This night we would stay at a campsite along Lake Superior that was super nice and so pretty because it was right on the water.
We were able to go swimming in Lake Superior at our campsite which was a ton of fun. The water was ice cold, but so refreshing after an exhausting day of hiking. I also got to clean off all the mud that was on me from early that day.
This night we slept in our hammocks. This was so relaxing because we fell asleep to the soothing waves of Lake Superior. It was a bit uncomfortable though since there were two people in one hammock, but it was better than sleeping on the floor in a tent.
Day 3: On day 3 of our trip, we got up and hiked to this place called Lone Rock for lunch. Lone Rock is the floating rock that is by itself in the distance in this pictured. We enjoyed this beautiful lunch stop and then continued hiking to our campsite.
This night at our campsite would be our last night on trip. It was bittersweet because it was sad that it would be over since we had such a fun time and great experiences. It was also happy though because hiking trips are very rigorous and we were all ready to go back to camp. I took this picture when we were all sitting on the rocks enjoying the Lake Superior sunset together. .
The last day we hiked 4 miles to the road where our bus would pick us up so we could reunite with our camp friends and counselors that had been on different trips than us. When we got to the road, we immediately dropped our heavy packs and laid on the side of the road. We were so relieved to have made it through the back country. We were also so excited to see our friends.

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