Just Write Inspiration In Images

Back in 2016 I was invited along to a writing group based in Preston called Just Write. They would meet every week in what was a little art haven called, Ham & Jam which is sadly no longer open.

The group we get together to help each other in their writing. Setting challenges, providing advice and feedback, collaborating with each other and most importantly, providing inspiration, It was for that reason that I was invited along. To share a selection of my images with the group and to see what they drew from them. It was an interesting experience and gave me an insight as to what people see in my images.

From time to time I hear back from the group and this week I was contacted by Jean McDonald who wanted to share some of her work which was inspired by an image from that day. Here is her poem -

My Friend the Refugee

Tramp Tramp Tramp, March, march, march I am off to battle!

No, no, no you’re not, you are walking o’er the moor.

Drone, drone, drone; it’s a bomber plane.

No, no, no its not, tis only the rustle of a darting Damselfly.

I hear a tank, there is a tank coming down the hill.

No, no its not, tis only the cyclists enjoying the downward rush.

I see barbed-wire and eyes that look at me with hunger.

Don’t worry, tis only the curious cattle, stopped to stare at passers-by.

I am wounded, I am dying, I see the white angel come for me.

No, no, you’re not wounded. Tis a nettle sting, and that is not an angel but a white butterfly.

Tramp, tramp, tramp, am I homeward bound?

Yes, that’s right, homeward bound and when we get there, I’ll put the kettle on and we will say our evening prayers

by Jean McDonald


All images by Alf Myers