Project for Ch.11 Jordan Huey

The Mongols

Economic- The Mongols brought much of the Eurasian landmass under a single rule, creating the largest land empire in history.

Political- The Mongols adapted to the Chinese political system and made use of Chinese bureaucrats.

Academic- I couldn't find nothing.

The Japanese

Political- During the Fujwara regency, the military class rose around the ideals of the Sumurai, and large military families formed around political figures.

Academic- In Japan, at first there was no language so Prince Shotoku sent people to China to find a language. The Chinese people said that they had a language they could speak but they had to write it in Chinese. This became Japan's official language,

Economic- Japan had a major central government so they needed a capital. In 710 the government built a Chinese capital.

The Koreans

Academic- A Korean mathematical man named Rimhak Ree discovered and constructed the Ree group in the mathematical field of group theory.

Economic- After the Korean War, Korea was destroyed and poor but they didn't give up. The economy started it's spectacular growth in the 1960s. In less than 40 years, South Korea's per capit GDP/GNI skyrocketed a per capita GNI of $67 in 1953 and $10,000 in 1995.

Political- King Sejon the Great promoted the cultural, economic, and political heritage of Korea.

The Indians

Academic- The first notions of zero as a number and it's uses have been found in mathematical treatise of ancient India.

Economic- India secured an important position among other nations in economic development after independence. India completed 60 years as a independent nation in the year 2007.

Political- The government provided toilets in all the schools.

The Viatnamese

Political- They introduced the civil service examination.

Economic- Vietnams economy and society changed. They escaped a crisis in the mid 1980s and their annual GDP growth rate averaged 7.2% during the 1990s.

Academic- I couldn't find nothing.


Economic- They are one of the most successful non western countries to have achieved a smooth transition to modern economic growth.

Political- Their government established a new economy policy in 1998.

Academic- I couldn't find nothing

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