3D Print By Evan

I decided to make a Mega Blastoise EX from the Pokémon series, I got the idea of doing Mega Blastoise from a fellow sixth grader. I saw that he was doing a Mega Charizard, so I thought it would be cool if we had the three starters as Mega evolutions. It inspired me because at first, I did not know what to make, I wanted a carvey of it, but it had too many details.

This was my sketch, I customized my design with many positive and negative spaces to create contrast. Although, I shaded more parts in so the 3D Lines would not break, so I shaded the tail, the legs and more. I searched a BLACK & WHITE Blastoise. I shaded what I thought should be modified. My idea changed throughout, I kept thinking, Should I shade this or not? Should I leave that space positive? I was all over the place, but I kept my sanity.

This was my sketch in the Makerbot app, I prepared by looking at lines that were way too thin. The steps to get the design into makerbot was to put your sketch on a white background and take a picture of it, if your design was in photoshop, take a photo of it. It turned out I wanted a different design so I shaded the big cannon.

The machine works by reading the photo of your project in makerbot, whatever look you like is what it will print. I wanted black filament, and black was already the loaded filament so it was easier than loading a a different color.

The first step was that the machine needed to heat up, then, the process was 28 minutes long, the part that was surprising was that my first attempt, it failed. So then I shaded and made more lines thicker. I learned that 3D printing could take a long time and that it had to be heated.

This was the first process, it was a fail.

This is my final project, it turned out how I wanted it too. I am most proud that it only took two tries rather than a million. I could not improve anything, it was balanced evenly, no missprinting. The most interesting part of the process was when it WAS printing. My final thoughts are that the project was a success.

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