ME a journey through personality

Hello, my name is Inés Peñalver Cosín, I'm 16 years old and my birthday is the 9th of June. Here, you'll get the opportunity to take a little piece of myself.

I live in a beautiful city on the east coast of Spain called Valencia, well known because of its oranges, great food and warm temperature.

This are some important old and modern buildings of Valencia and our most traditional dish, "paella".

My hobbies are going to the cinema, reading, drawing while listening to music, swimming, going for long walks around the hidden places of the city and going downtown with my friends.

I'm always reading some sort of book and my favorite genre is fantasy. Besides, I go to the cinema very often and I don't really have a preferred kind of movies, although I like science fiction and adventure ones. The second picture it's a mandala that I used to paint when I was younger.
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin

Also, I love nature and animals. I really enjoy being outdoors, I won't go home when the weather is nice.

In my family, we all like hiking and we go to the mountains several times a year for long routes.

My favorite seasons are spring and summer and when I'm outside I like taking pictures of the scenery (specially flowers), and animals.

In our area, there are wonderful beaches and in summer my friends and me normally go to swim and sunbathe.

I consider myself a very curious person, I'm always wondering why some things happen and I usually pay attention to my surroundings. I'm very interested in science, specially in the universe and biology, that is my favorite subject, because you get to know how your body functions and what processes keep living organisms alive.

In addition, if there's something I'm passionate about is travelling. I love visiting other countries, go sightseeing and get to know how other people live around the world and learn about different cultures, traditions and art.

Here there are some places I've been to: Rome, Paris,Vienna and Budapest. Traveling makes me always be very happy.
“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson



According to the Myers Briggs personality type, I'm a ISFJ-Introvert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging-. However, I think this personality type is combined in a very unique way because although I'm a sensitive person, I think I have good analytical ability; although I'm shy at the beginning and it takes me time to talk to new people, when I feel more comfortable, I can talk with them for a long time, and I don't really have any problem on interacting politely with other people (naturally social); and even if I'm Judging, I consider myself as very receptive to change and open to listen to other people's ideas and respect them, even if I don't agree.

ISFJ is consider a caregiver

I consider myself an altruist person (most of the time), I normally try to do my best to help the people who surrounds me and avoid their suffering in the way that I can. Also, I think I try to make sure I don't harm others with my actions and I don't judge them in advance, although this last thing is sometimes complicated. I usually feel very frustrated and uncomfortable with conflicts, specially if I find myself in the middle of an argument or fight and I don't like being the centre of attention, so I have a very hard time talking or acting alone in front of big groups of people. A part from that, I take my responsabilities very seriously and although I usually procrastinate when it comes time to start a project, once started I'm very consistent and I have a lot of self-control (maybe too much) and I'll do everything I can to exceed the expectations at school and for myself and surroundings. Finally, although I usually respect my authorities' ideas or opinions, I have very strong individual opinions ( sometimes it comes a point when I have to discuss with them) and injustice makes me feel very angry and indignant.


I think I'm a supportive person, I'm usually available when my best friends or family need advice, someone to be there with them in difficult situations and although maybe I don't have the tools to solve the situations, I try to make them feel better and stay at their side. In this situations, I think I'm a good listener, open to learn about their stories and how are they feeling, trying to be empathetic and non-judgmental. I'll consider myself a loyal friend because I'll always keep their secrets and tell them when I notice something is wrong with them.

I try to always be there when my friends need to talk

When it comes to work, I'm very meticulous and careful, I don't like leaving things half finished and I think I'm a hard-working person in most of the occasions. I'm very observant and I pay attention to details, I can remember people and data easily, when I'm in the street I always pay attention of how people react, their expressions and the environment. Finally, I would really like to help others and make small changes in the world.

I put effort in the work I've to do to ensure it's well done


I think I have many weaknesses in my personality that I would really like to change. I'm humble and shy, so sometimes it's hard to get to know people. Sometimes, the standards I put to myself are so high that, when I know I could have done some task better, I despise, diminish and feel very angry with myself. I'm a naturally negative person and I usually carry those bad thoughts over from school life to personal life and vice versa. I think and analyze things too much, so finally it's hard to accomplish them and being focused on my own thoughts makes me being very forgetful with other tasks, so I lose keys, mobile phones and important papers very easily.

A part from that, I'm a very private person, I don't like sharing personal details with other people, specially my actual feelings. Generally, I tend to overload myself or feel overloaded by others, making a huge problem from a nonsense. As a result, I worry too much and I feel stressed, so I tend to complain. Sometimes, I can react badly to big changes. Finally, I hate being very insecure, because I can spend a lot of time trying to decide even a minor thing, such what dress to buy for an special event can take me hours. I get very nervous talking when talking in public because I think I won't never do it right, so oral presentations and solos are a real struggle for me.

ISFJ we tend to overthink things a lot and it's very difficult to make decisions and I'm also fairly shy
Songs like this one are the best remedy to fight against the daily stress or when I have to prepare a presentation I'm nervous about.


Although I'm not in any romantic relationship, I think I will try to be the person who's there for emotional support and practical support whenever the other person needs it, not having any problem in spending time and energy finding ways to keep the relationship satisfying for both parts; on the other side, in return to my efforts, It's essential for me that the other person shows the same respect, commitment, love and appreciation to me. If the relationship it's not based in mutual respect, trust, care and independence of both parts when needed, for me, it's not worth it. In my opinion,to like a person, the physical appearance it's not enough, I need to get to know him and his personality, talk with the person previously. It's important to have very strong feelings towards the other person and I think dating is a serious thing, relationships have to be meaningful.

I'm not very sure of that, but, as a normally generous person, I think people who get to meet me enjoy my company, but for me, these are not really called friends. As I'm fairly shy and protective with myself, I need to connect on a deeper personal level and be able to share some likes/dislikes and long conversations with someone to consider them friends. Most of my friends are not made by random encounters, but through comfortable contact, as in class or workplace, gym... where we have time to get to know each other little by little. Finally, I don't feel very comfortable in a very big group of people, so I prefer a few very good loyal friends who I know they will always be there. Also, it's very important to me that my friends can understand I need some time to be on my own and they will give be space.

Those I my best friends and we have a very tight relationship, these three girls are like family for me. We share all fun and sad moments.
"Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increases in value."


At work or at school, I don't mind helping others with their tasks in a practical, organized way. Although sometimes it takes me a long time to start it, I enjoy work that requires careful attention to detail and being attached to established procedures, I prefer an explicit authority structure and clear expectations of what the teacher or superior wants me to do, I appreciate directed instructions instead of vague comments. Normally, I try to be very efficient and structured when I have to complete my homework, and I don't like to lose time and stagnation. Also, I prefer to work behind the scenes, without being required to present my work in public. When working in groups, I like to hear all the ideas and I don't like showing authority, however, I want things done right and I expect progress, so sometimes that's very difficult when working with various people. That's why I generally prefer to work individually or with a few people who share the same value. My ideal job will involve well-defined tasks, privacy and not a lot of multi-tasking. Normally, I will always do my school projects on my own, so I can make sure they are organized how I want.

What about the big 5 ?

In the Big Five personality test I got a high score in openness, as I consider myself an openminded person, because for example, when I travel I'm always to try new things and adapt to the new culture even if it seems very strange at first. Also, I'll say I have associate thinking , as when I'm reading a book or article I can extrapolate the main idea to other films or books I've read before.

I also have relatively high score in consciousness because I'm orderly, hardworking, cautious and I have a lot of self-control, maybe I really want to do something but if I know it's going to have a bad repercussion in the future, I can avoid doing it, for example, shouting at my friends when I know they did something that annoyed me a little bit. In second place, I had a similar score in agreeableness, I generally enjoy participating in charity events and if I'm not busy, I don't mind volunteering when help is demanded and I find community involvement very fullfiling, such as community meals.

I had a low score in extraversion, as I'm an independent and reserved person who sometimes just wants to spend time on her own and need space, I'm not pleased by gaining the attention of others, but rather trying to build my own happiness. I'm not very interested in having big amounts of money or a big group of people around me (being popular).

Finally, I got a high score in neuroticism because I tend to experience anxiety(when I have lots of work to do),guilt (when others have to change their plans because of me), and doubt myself and my abilities, for example, I see myself as a very clumsy person for sports so I'm very embarrassed of playing team sports and joining them. Also, my mood changes very easily, I can be happy all day and suddenly, a remembering, a word, an action can arouse sadness and negative feelings until the end of the day.

The five personality traits illustrated: openness, introversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness and agreeableness


My top Love Languages are the quality of time the acts of service, I don't need people who love me to tell me flattering comments, but I really appreciate spending time with my love ones and do activities together that l like. Also, I feel extremely thankful when they help me as I'm going through a bad situation, for example, as some members of my family will give ideas for a project and offer their experience as I'm stuck.

There can be five different love languages
Sometimes it's very difficult to perceive love from different people

My Apology is genuinely repenting and try to learn for the future, because for me, it's more important that people look towards the future for not repeating their wrong actions than regretting the unchangeable past. Usually, specially with my friends, I will forgive very easily because I know they didn't really want to harm me.

My score in the personal anger assessment was 12, because although I hardly ever go into big arguments and I don't like showing anger towards my love ones, the people who are really close to me know that I have a very strong temper and if I'm under pressure or in a bad moment, I can show it very quickly and I'm sometimes very impatient. Also, I can get angry if people I'm very confident with criticizes me, my values, ideas or family.


I'm a person who has a lot of imagination about her future. Nowadays, I would like to accomplish a lot of different projects and the options are almost infinite, so I'm beset with doubts. However, as I like science and helping people, I think I'll study medicine and my dream is to become a doctor and a medical researcher. Also, as I love travelling and I get very enthused of the possibility of fighting a global issue and make small changes in the world, I want to visit all the continents, learn new languages and go on mission trips to help undeveloped communities and the empowerment of women and equality.

As for myself, my greatest goal is to find happiness in something that I love doing every day; become a successful professional, and a respectful, more confident independent woman.

I think this message and images illustrate very well the future I would like to pursue

Well, this is who I am and the woman I would like to become one, I don't know if my expectations will come true but meanwhile, I'll try my best and here there's a song that always brings strength to pursue these goals, and reflects who the type of woman I admire.

So, this is me, for now ... We have arrived at the end of the journey through my personality but we will need to wait for the future to see in what this is transformed...

“May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future”



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