Canada In 2050 by anmol chahal

How will 2050 look like in Canada? Will the population trends remain the same? Will the population increase or decrease in 2050? So many questions about Canada's future, but how do we know how to answer all the questions if the future is so far ahead of us? Well people have made very clever predictions. Well I will be explaining different trends and show a few graphs about the major predictions that have been made about Canada's future.

I personally think that in 2050 the population of Canada will be very large in the future. The reason I think so, is because we learned in class that preproduction age will repopulate more than ever in the future. I think that the death rate will be the same as it is in present day. The reason I think that is because if there is going to be more population there may not be any difference in the future. But if the death rate stays the same the population may not stay stable if there is to much population, therefore the carrying capacity would be filled.

I think immigration in Canada will increase. I think this because one of Canada's immigration trends are: letting younger immigrants come in to Canada. About 250, 000 immigrants move to Canada because Canada relies on the younger immigrants to re populate to increase Canada's population. Some pull factors of immigration in Canada is that immigrants can move to different countries for various reasons, but one main reason they do not move from their countries to new ones because of fresh water availability to every one. So they need to be sure that they have enough things to support them in Canada. One very major push factor is about emigration. Families move out of Canada because of some job opportunities. People can find many jobs around the world. Therefore they go over to work in different industries such as primary, secondary, tertiary and Quaternary industries.

I think that the First Nation community in Canada will decrease. the reason i think so is because is because there is nearly about 1,400,685 aboriginals live in Canada. That is about 4.3% of Canada's population. Therefore if Canada will increase with birth rate and more immigrants will move to Canada it will make the 4.3% of aboriginals in Canada at the moment into a 1% or maybe less if more population surrounds the community. Another reason I think the population will decrease is because the death rate of that community can increase because they have such little population that the community may not re populate.

This graph shows different First nations from the 4.3%

Immigration Trends: There are many trends in Canada with immigration, birth rate, death rate and First Nation, Metis, Inuit Trends. One very major trend with immigration in Canada is letting immigrants in to our country to work in different industries. Many companies allow immigrants to work with them, also another trend for immigrants is letting them in to our country for school. Many immigrants come over to Canada for Colleges or Universities in Canada. I think more and more immigrants will come to Canada to get a proper education.

Birth And Death Rate Trends: One very major trend about death rate is that the number of deaths in Canada increased in 2011. This is a major problem because Canada's population tremendously dropped in one year. There was about 242, 074 death increase in Canada during 2011. Therefore the birth rate has decreased in 2011 because of the population drop with the death rate. I think that if Canada sticks to these trends with the birth and death rate, 2015 will have very low population in 2050.

I predict that in Canada 2050 the population will bot be stable. The reason I think so is because Canada has dropped in birth rate and increased its death rate. There are immigrants that can move in Canada that can fill up the increase in death rate. But there are many people who move out of Canada for sustainability reasons. Immigrants are mostly in Canada for school or work. People leave Canada because of work reasons just as people immigrate to Canada for jobs. The death rate has increased and the birth rate has decreased from 2011.

This graph is about Canada's Birth Rate and Immigration.
This graph is about the death rate in Canada
This graph is about immigrants and what province they live in Canada

This video shows some challenges for immigrants to go to college.

(skip to 1: 48 for Canada's predictions) This Video is Based on Population Predictions of different age groups

My Life In 2050!

Conclusion: I think that Canada wont be very stable in the future( 2050). I've predicted that Canada is going to be very unorganized with its population trends because the trends wont always stay the same yearly.

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