The Happiness Café Reintroducing happiness concepts into our current world, one cupcake at a time

Welcome to my proposed "Happiness Cafe," where there are so many possibilities to reinvent your life views as you find happiness in everything!!


I was inspired by a speaker I heard at Boston College this summer. He started a business called the “Hailey House Café.” He employed people who were recently out of prison, to help them regain a purpose and to stop the cycle of reentering prison. The business was a success and really turned into a mentoring opportunity. I want to start this business to help people regain a purpose and realize they are important.

Here is my purpose, goals, and plan for my idea!!


The basis of my plan is that social interaction can immensely help people living with depression as it provides many benefits to their everyday lives. Here are some resources!!


I will pilot this program through the Boston Hospital system. People who are being treated by psychologists and therapists through Boston doctors would be offered this form of treatment. The perspective employees will apply through a job application and will have to be recommended by a mental health doctor. Once the employee is hired, they will be involved in this therapeutic experience for however long it takes them to reincorporate social interaction into their daily life.

Employees will be given a task each day they work. It will start small, for example: ask two people how their day is, or tell someone your name. Then they work into bigger tasks, as a way to slowly get the employees to understand how beneficial social interaction is to their mental health.


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