Water Polo Genius Hour By: Tyler Ybarra

Weekly Blog for Genius Hour

Blog 1-Feb. 24 2017

My goals for today were to create a blog for my genius hour and watch my peer's genus hour and give them constructive feedback. I have completed all my goals today. Some successes I had today was posting my video on time and making my blog after three tries. Some challenges I had were making my blog because I kept doing it wrong and had to retry it over again.

Blog 2- March 3 2017

The goals I had for today were to answer my first essential question which was, what it cost to play water polo? and to learn the payments need to play water polo. The resources that I looked at was my experiences and Rose Bowl Water Polo club's website to find the expense of water polo. Some challenges I had today were finding where to look for the expenses of water polo because I had to check 2 sources to find my final product. My successes were that I got to my end product which was about 246 dollars or more not including gas and food.

Blogeek None- March 10 2017

We did not do Genius Hour Project today.

Blog 3- March 17 2017

The resources that I looked at were two different websites that were for the gear needed to play Water Polo. The gear needed that I found on the two websites were a water polo is a ball, a goal, caps, swimwear (speedo/suit, goggles) and a mouth guard. Most of the equipment are for your protection and for you to have fun when playing Water Polo. The information that stood out to me was that you needed a mouth guard because many people do not use a mouth guard. Next week I plan on researching my third focus question which is rules and how to play Water Polo.

Blog 4- March 24 2017

My goals for today was to finish my check 1 video and to write my blog for today. I accomplish all my goals today in Ms. Mai's class and it took me about 5 redo's on the video to get it perfect. Some success that I had were finishing my video on time and some challenges I had were finding a quiet spot to film.

Blog 5- March 31 2017

The things that stood out to me were that there weren't many websites had a clear set of rules for water polo. I had to go through many websites to find rules this one http://www.usawaterpolo.org/juniorolympics/rules.html So far I looked at 3 websites to find all my info on how to get better at water polo and the rules of water polo. Some tips that I found out was you need to be good at treading water, know what type of pass is needed, know how to swim with the ball and know how to catch the ball. My plan for nest week is to plan my genius hour and finish up all researching.

Blog 6- April 14, 2017

My goals for today were to plan out my presentation. My presentation will be either a video about water polo or a video tour about water polo. I did not finish all of my goals because I am still figuring out my presentation to present the class. My plan for next week is to finish planning my genius hour and to start working on my genius hour.

Blog 7- April 21, 2017

My goal for today was to plan out my Genius Hour Presentation. I accomplished my goal because I planned my presentation. The challenges I had were finding an idea because I had did not know what to do until Ms. Mai gave me an idea to make a website. So today I did no research and I only focused on planning my presentation. For my final presentation, I will make a making a website for Water Polo. So far the resources I have looked at were other people's projects so I can get an idea for my and Ms. Mai's ideas. Next week I will be doing making a Water Polo website.

Blog 8- May 5 2017

My goals for today are to finish or almost finish my genius Hour Web Site. I accomplish my goal for today because I am near completion of my website. Some challenges that I had today were figuring out all the function for my website but I got the hang of it. Some successes were almost finishing my website and learning how to build the Web site.

Blog 9- May 12 2017

My goals for to days was to practice my presentation for Genius Hour and to correct any mistakes on my website. I accomplish my goals because I finished editing my website and I got to practice a few times. My goal for next week is to sign up for a presentation day and to practice some more.


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