DTC #12: A Little Help From My Friends An evening in a small italian village...in LA.





Sip an aperitivo on a beautiful patio.

Pretend you’re a sommelier at a local wine tasting.

Step into an authentic Italian pasta gem.

Just like good neighbors in a small town Lou helped La Pergoletta set up their new wine program. So, no matter what you know you're getting great wine.
Stop 1

Sip on an aperitivo

5:15pm to 6pm

Stepping on the inviting patio at Big Bar you are greeted with the congeniality of a local neighborhood feel. You pass through multiple levels of families, daters and lone diners enjoying their last moments of their sunny Saturday. You're immediately greeted with an inviting smile as you pass in to the bar. They create amazing cocktails but it’s time for the perfect aperitivo: a negroni. Grab a seat on the front patio and take your time mothering your glass of spirits like an Italian in a small village on a fall afternoon. After your last sip the palette will be prepped for some tasting of a different variety.

Stop 2

Taste the natural and unusual

• 6pm to 7pm •

Tucked in the far corner of a standard LA strip mall is the far from standard Lou Wine Shop. You’ll awkwardly enter but soon be welcomed by Lou himself making all those worries fade away. Passing the stacks of wine labeled sections like “raunchy”, “party” and “spaghetti” you’ll make your way to the tasting area. Make yourself be known and stick close to the sommelier so you’ll get all the detailed scoop on the wines you’re sampling. The room usually gets a bit chatty after a few tastes. It's not uncommon to find yourself petting a newlywed couple's French bulldog while conversing with a local wine connoisseur. In what may seem like no time at all your post-negroni, post-wine tasting appetite should be pointing you in the direction of the next stop: Italian glory.

Stop 3

Slowly indulge on homemade Italian perfection

• 7:15pm til you've finished your cappucino •

The waving Italian flag high above this strip mall marks your final stop on this neighborhood tour. La Pergoletta seems like a photo from your friends Pinterest board titled “Italia Dreaming”. A dimly lit enclave full of tables topped with red and white-checkered tablecloths topped with meltie candles and plates of pasta. Take your seat and find the chalk board titled “pasta fresca”, this is where you’ll want to begin. Slowly dine on a Caprese salad, slurp up freshly made spaghetti and sip wine from the list that Lou helped curate. The friendly staff will happily guide you through this culinary journey but only you can push yourself through to dessert. Finish your last morsel and bid farewell to an Italian neighborhood you never knew existed...and in the end, never really did.

Bonus: Want to continue the party? Head across the street to Ye Rustic Inn for a quintessential dive bar evening.