Adjusting to a Brand New City

Moving to a brand new city can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. You're excited to explore this new location but a little worried about just how you’ll get to know anyone. It’s a little like starting college for the first time, isn’t it? Let’s talk about how you can make the best of your new city, and what to do if you’re feeling lonely.

How to make Friends
  • Try some apps such as Patook to make friends that enjoy same interests as you
  • Grip allows you to meet professionals around you
  • CitySocializer displays nearby events so you can meet people and while enjoying a fun night out simultaneously
  • You may think this is crazy, but hey, these apps wouldn’t exist unless people were using them, and since people are, they may be as lonely and hopeful to make new friends too. For many people, the comfort of being able to start talking to someone online before meeting in person can help make things a little less overwhelming.
Keep An Open Mind
If you're relocating, you're probably moving to a completely different region than where they grew up in, which makes or breaks a lot of people. For instance, if you grew up in the rural South, the way people interact is going to be a little bit different in the North.

That being said, it’s time for you to realize one of the best parts about relocating to a new city is that it opens your mind to new experiences, new people, new thoughts, and new memories. You may not enjoy art classes, but the girls at work may go to classes two nights out of the month. This gives you two nights more of companionship than what you started out with. Sometimes it’s not always about the activity as much as it is who you share it with, so try something new because it helps build a camaraderie that you didn’t have before.

Join A Club Or Two

Ask your new coworkers what the best local organizations, groups, or meetups are! Whether it’s cooking classes for local foodies or just meeting up at the gym, you never know who you’ll connect with. You may head out to yoga and find yourself always setting up a few minutes earlier each week just to have time to talk to your classmates… maybe consider asking if anyone would like to head out for coffee afterward! Ask around and see if anyone goes to the local farmer’s market every week and set up a carpool! Your “brand new city” is still your city, and we’re not letting you off easy.

Most Importantly, Give It Time
Making friends usually isn’t instantaneous. You are in an unfamiliar area, it’s okay to not be so comfortable just yet. Just because your expectations haven’t been met yet doesn’t mean they never will.

Give yourself time to feel comfortable where you are, comfortable with who you are, and realize this is a new chapter you embarked on for a reason, and when this chapter closes and you move on to your next, it will be just as bittersweet as the previous chapters.


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