Safety Matters A guide for the students and families of Giant Steps

The faculty and staff of Giant Steps have worked together to compile a brief overview of both our school and state's safety policies and procedures. Please spend some time reviewing the information provided below with your child in preparation for the upcoming school year. Please feel free to contact Ms. Juvancic with any questions or concerns you may have.


Establish minimum requirements and standards for schools to follow when conducting school safety drills and reviewing School Emergency and Crisis Response Plans and to encourage schools and first responders to work together for the safety of children



Evacuation Drills: When conditions outside of a school are safer than inside

When would this drill be used?

  • Fire
  • Suspicious item
  • Hazardous material
  • Bomb threat

Bus Drills: When conditions outside the bus are safer than inside.

When would this drill be used?

  • Fire
  • Suspicious item
  • Hazardous material
  • Accident

Law Enforcement Drills: When law enforcement involvement is necessary to protect school occupants and it is safer inside the school than outside.

When would this drill be used?

  • Shooting incidents
  • Bomb threats
  • Suspicious persons
  • Hazardous materials

Severe Weather/Shelter-in-Place: When conditions require refuge for students, staff, and public within school buildings in an emergency.

When would this drill be used?

  • Severe weather: sheer winds, lightning, tornados, and earthquakes
  • Hazardous materials: chemical, incendiary, and explosives
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons


  • A minimum of three Evacuation Drills (One of these drills must be completed with the local fire departments)
  • A minimum of one Bus Evacuation Drill
  • A minimum of one Severe Weather or Shelter-in-Place Drill
  • A minimum of one Law Enforcement Drill with law enforcement participation


Every year our administrative team and the representatives of all local first responders come together to review Giant Steps comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan which includes an action plan for a variety of situations that may occur throughout the school day. Our Emergency Operations Plan is carried out by our in-house crisis team.

School Safety Procedures

  1. All exterior doors will be locked during the school day.
  2. All parents, visitors, and volunteers must check in at the front desk prior to gaining access to other areas of the building.
  3. All visitors are required to present a state-issued identification card or driver’s license that will be scanned through our security software.
  4. All visitors are required to wear identification badges while in the school. Badges will be given to you by the receptionist.
  5. Parents/guardians who are picking up students at times other than normal dismissal must enter the building and sign the student out before he/she will be released.
  6. Any individual who is picking up a student may be requested to present a state-issue identification card or driver’s license prior to a student being released.

Safety Drills

In compliance with Illinois School Code, Giant steps will conduct a minimum of three fire drills, one severe weather drill, and one lockdown drill with the participation of our local law enforcement agency.

Severe Weather & Emergency Procedures

  • We ask families to use discretion when sending their child to school if he or she has a long commute to and from school.
  • If there is a tornado warning during dismissal time, all students will be required to remain inside our building until conditions improve or an all-clear signal is given.
  • Because we cannot guarantee that all of our students would be picked up if there was to be an early dismissal in the event of impending severe weather conditions, students will be dismissed at the regular time.

For additional information please review the Giant Step's Handbook provided below.



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