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Ireland is located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres. Ireland is also a part of Europe.

Political Boundaries

Ireland borders the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is East of Ireland. Ireland is a island so it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Celtic Sea. Ireland's coordinates are 53° N 8°W

Capital City

Ireland's capital city is Dublin, Ireland. Dublin Ireland is known for the Guinness Storehouse.

Physical Characteristics

Main physical features

Europe lies on the Northern European Plain. The Northern European plain is 2500 miles long.

The Alps mountains border both Northern Europe and Southern Europe.

The Danube River flows through 6 countries. It provides drinking water and electricity.

Danube River

Temperature Zone

Ireland is in the temperate temperature zone. It is between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer.


Ireland's population is small. Ireland houses 4.68 million people on its island. Ireland's world rank is 124.

Population density

Population density is the number of people per square mile. Ireland's population density is 176 people per miles squared. Ireland is about average for population density. Ireland's world rank for population density is 131.

Growth Rate

Ireland's growth rate is 1.13% per year. Ireland is growing at an average rate. Ireland's fertility rate is 1.96 births per woman.


Five largest cities

Ireland's biggest city is Dublin with 1.28 million people. The second biggest city is Cork with 125,022 people. Third is Limerick with 90,054 people. Galway is the 4th largest city with 79,504 people. Tallaght is the last of the five largest cities with 73,200.

Urban or rural?

Ireland is more rural than urban. Most people live on the plains.

Net migration rate

Ireland's net migration rate is 3.31 migrants. There are more people leaving than moving to Ireland. More people are migrating than immagrating to Ireland.


Ireland is a devolved country. 99% of Ireland's population can read and write fluently. The world average is 84.1%. Ireland's average GDP per capita is $41,300. $41,300 is above the average GDP per capita which is 30,000. The average life expectancy for the world is 71 years old. Ireland's life expectancy at birth is 78 years old. From these facts we can prove that Ireland is a developed country.



The two main languages spoken in Ireland are English and Irish.


The main religion is Roman Catholic. People who are Roman Catholic go to the Church of Ireland. The other religion in Ireland is Muslim.


Main sports

Ireland's main sports are Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, and Hurling.


Ireland has 1 international soccer team. The Republic of Ireland National Soccer team. Soccer is the most common sport in Ireland. Ireland soccer is played in the Avivia Stadium. Soccer is governed by the National Football association of Ireland.


Ireland's rugby team is called, Ireland National Rugby Union team. Ireland's rugby team has played in the Six nations Rugby tournament since 1883.


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