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Ms. Worsley's students take their webquests very seriously.

Table Manners

By Ethan R.

Every day we take manners for granted. Especially at the table. For some teens it's hard to use table manners but here are some tips for using them.

1. Never have your cell phone at the table. Otherwise it will be distracting.

2. Always have your napkin in your lap. That way, if you spill something on your lap it will come onto the napkin.

3. Start eating when everyone else does or when given the okay to start.

4. Stay seated and sit up straight. There should be no slouching.

5. While eating, keep your elbows and other body parts off the table.

6. Chew with your mouth closed and don't talk until you've swallowed.

7. Don't make any comments about the food. Otherwise you might hurt the cook's feelings.

8. No matter what condiment you're talking about, please say "Please pass the...".

9. Talk to everyone at the table no matter what you want to talk about.

10. Don't make rude noises like burping or slurping because people might think that you're being rude.

11. Always ask to be excused when you're finished.

12. Thank your host or whoever prepared the meal especially if it's one of your parents.

13. Finally, offer to help clear the table. You need to be able to do chores once in a while.

Whether if it's at a family dinner or at a restaurant, teenagers should always use their manners and they should use them wisely. Like I said we should not take manners, especially table manners, for granted.

Ethan peels a banana for a fruit cup recipe. Healthy eating sure can be tasty!

My Take on Dumplin'

By Gabby Z.

Everyone loves to watch movies! Especially when it’s raining and when you're sick in bed. This is a movie review about the movie Dumplin’.

This movie is about the main character. Her name is Dumplin’. She always wanted to be in a beauty pageant, but others would tease her about her weight. She worked at a fast food restaurant called Harpy’s where this boy worked with her. His name was Bo. He had a crush on Dumplin’.

This movie is an hour and fifty minutes long. It is rated PG-13. You will find this movie on Netflix. The main focus of the movie is about a teenage girl that enters a pageant. However some girls think it’s a joke because she is not built like everyone else.

My favorite part of the movie is when they all go to the club and they all get up on stage and sing with the drag queens! So, if you’re looking for a great movie to watch with your friends or family, Dumplin’ is the way to go!

What I learned from this movie is no two people are the same. Beautiful comes in all sizes. We should all be our own kind of beautiful.

Jayson stays focused at his on-campus job at the aquatic center. He works on collecting, washing, drying, and folding towels.

Work Experience

By Erick T.

I work at the Couch Tomato.

I am thankful for my job there.

I bag chips and try to shred cheese.

I pour dressings into containers.

I get along with people at work.

Matter is popping! Ms. Kelsey's class learned about the three stages of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.

Winter's True Love

By Tierra H.

Welcome back to the drama of Mya and Jackson. I know you've all been wondering what happened, so let me tell you. It's now Wintertime and Mya has made up her mind about how she’s going to tell Jackson she's in love with him. The stories are always about how the guy gets the girl, but Mya said she wants it to be about how the girl gets the guy. It's almost Winter Break, so Mya is already planning the big day. She remembers Jackson's favorite color is red and he loves Hershey bars, also he loves looking at really cool paintings. Mya's dad is an artist, so she paid him 50 dollars to recreate the painting, ‘A Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, but for him to write Jackson’s name plus her name. She also planned a trip to New York before Christmas because Jackson has never been to New York. The set up in the room is red roses and Hershey bars on the bed. She also brought him a red hoodie and hat since he likes red. The Friday before Christmas Mya's mom drove Jackson up to New York where Mya was. Mya was nervous but excited she's never felt this way about anyone and can't wait to express her love for him. Ever since she was younger she's always told her mom and dad she wanted a love like they have and now she found it. When Jackson arrived to the Hotel Mya couldn't wait to tell him everything. She said, "Jackson I know in the past I played hard to get and I'm sorry. We're both Seniors in high school but I know I'm ready to be with you. I want us to be like my dad and mom and have a forever love. So will you do me the honor and be my boyfriend?" After she was done spilling her heart out and she looked Jackson in his eyes and she could already see his answer was, "Yes." Jackson smiled so big and picked Mya up in a tight hug. After all the smiles and hugs Jackson put on his red hoodie and hat and shared his Hershey bar with the girl of his dreams and enjoyed New York.

The End

Ty, Natalie, Anise, and Julius love Musicopia! What a great way to learn, perform, and appreciate music.

History of Groundhog Day

By Jessica B.

Do you know that funny holiday called Groundhog Day when people dress up as groundhogs and they have a big party? I am going to talk about how Groundhog Day became a holiday. I don’t think people really know.

Groundhog Day always starts in the month of February on the second day. People in Punxsutawney celebrate this big tradition in their area. Canada celebrations this tradition too. The first Groundhog Day started in 1887. The person who started this holiday was named Clymer Freas. People believe the groundhog was supposed to predict the weather. Groundhog Day come from a Christian holiday called Candlemas then later on it changed into Groundhog Day.

The groundhog is supposed tell us the weather. If the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow, there are six more weeks of winter. If the groundhog sees its shadow, it means spring is coming early. People have big parties and they dress up like a groundhog and they stay up all night partying.

People can go to Pennsylvania to go see the groundhog and to party. They are a lot of people there. Weather over there is cold when people go see the groundhog. Do people believe in the groundhog? Would you go to Punxsutawney to see the groundhog?

Students in Mrs. Whartnaby's class loved the chance to participate in a sensory tour and learn more about Van Gogh's paintings.

Things On and About the Braillenote

By Nicky L.

The BrailleNote is a device that blind people use to do things online. The BrailleNote is like a computer for the blind but there is no screen and I can't see pictures on it. I can create files, put things in a planner, go on the internet, record things, play games, do math problems on the calculator, and email. If I want to create a file on the BrailleNote open the word processor and go to create a document, then choose the folder I want to create a file in and type in the name. I can do work on the BrailleNote, someone can give me a flash drive with work on it, I can do the work, translate it, and put it back on to the flash drive. I can also email documents to people and they can read them. I can print documents on paper from my braille computer. I can hook a screen to my computer and people can read what I am typing. I can do math problems on the BrailleNote with the calculator. I can play games on the BrailleNote using the game feature. I can look up words using the dictionary feature on the BrailleNote. I can download things off the internet on my BrailleNote. These are the things I can do on the BrailleNote. There are many more but I would have to spend many hours writing all the things I can do on the BrailleNote. I am a master on the BrailleNote and I have even made videos about the BrailleNote. So teachers and students if you have any questions about the BrailleNote please ask me because I know more than the company that makes it, no joke.

Ms. McCallion's students show off their water-themed crafts.

The Queen of Soul

By Angela C.

Have you ever heard about Aretha Franklin? Have you ever wondered about her background and how she became a singer, when she was born and when she died? Well... I’m about to tell you all about her.

Aretha Franklin was born on March 25th, 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee. Aretha’s middle name is Louise. But sadly, she died last year on August 16th and she was 76 years old when she passed away. She died in Detroit, Michigan last year. She was buried in Woodland Cemetery after she died. She was a singer, a songwriter, an actress, and a pianist before she died. Aretha Franklin has a sister. Aretha Franklin’s mother was a gospel singer and pianist.

Aretha Franklin became a singer during her childhood where she sang at a church her father worked at. When she began singing, she wrote some awesome songs. One of the songs she wrote is called, “You make me feel like a natural woman.” But not only did she become a singer, she became an actress.

She acted in only one movie. That one movie she acted in is called “The Blues Brothers”. Aretha Franklin played Mrs. Murphy in the movie. She performed at the inaugurations of three presidents. She also performed for Pope Francis in Philadelphia in 2015.

Aretha Franklin is a significant person who inspires people to want to be singers, songwriters, want to play the piano, or even act. February is black history month. In honor of Aretha Franklin, I'd like everyone to please send in their favorite song that is school appropriate. Your songs will be shown in the next newspaper. Please send your songs to acarr@obs.org so we can show them in our next paper.

We hope to see the songs you send in in our next paper. We are so grateful for the Queen of Soul.

Ramon is a new student in high school. Give him a warm welcome when you see him!

A True Love Story

By Tierra H.

This is for you. Roses are red, Violets are blue, but neither one of them are as beautiful as you. Your eyes shine brighter than the stars, I love when we go for long drives in your mom's car. I'd walk extra miles just to see you smile. I'm going to go back to your eyes and tell you that they remind me of the deep blue ocean. Your laugh is like music to my ears. When I hear your name my heart skips two beats or when you walk past in your house I sit on the edge of my seat. I don't care what people say, you're the one I think of every day. I love the late night conversations, but I like the early morning silence. You're not a crush, you're my true love. I love you.

The End

Dante helps Haley and Kamiyah as they decide on a prize. Our students earn OSB bucks for being safe, respectful, and responsible and the prize cart is a great way to cash them in!

Skin Care for Teens

By Angel M.

Your skin changes as you get older. You start to see the change at the age of 13. That can also mean you are hitting puberty. Your skin will start to become oily. It just means that you are changing. You're also going to see it when you start to break out. Break outs are nothing to worry about.

Breakouts can cause you to have pimples. Breakouts can happen out of nowhere. Your face will change and get oily. Keep hair products away from your face at all times. It can also happen when you do not wash your face or bed sheets. Also when you do not take a bath. Always keep your face clean at all times. It will help you from getting pimples.

Here are some tips on how to clear up your face when you have breakouts. What will help clear up your face is different kinds of creams. One kind of product that can treat this is Stridex. Maybe it will even take your problems away much faster. You can buy some of these products at different stores. Make sure to wash your face two times a day. It will help from having breakouts.

From curly fries to lasagna, School to Work students know how to whip up a delicious meal.

Song of your Heart

By: Kiley M.

Within your heart

lies a song,

That only you can find

Spinning and spiraling

To a beat,

a melody,

a symphony,

a harmony all its own

to find the song of your heart

you must look inside

And sing to the beat

Forever it waits until found

Waiting to be sung

Once found it’s never lost

Forever with you

for you to hear

Let everyone hear you sing

For the hidden song inside you

Is waiting to be heard

Forget what others have to say

And let your song be heard

Release it for all to hear

And never let

the song of your heart go unheard.

Students in Main 210 sold some very special gifts from the Prize Cart before the holidays. Ela is working hard to help an elementary school student pick the perfect toy!

We are So Thankful...

In our fall edition, we asked our readers to send in things that they are thankful for. Here are some of our favorites!

I am thankful for being warm.

I am thankful for being able to come to school most days of the year.

I am thankful for a good life.

I am thankful for Bookshare so I can read good books.

I am thankful for plants and flowers.

I am thankful for the food that I eat every day.

I am thankful for all my friends and teachers at OSB.

I am thankful for my bus driver for taking me to school and back home.

I am thankful for veterans serving our country.

I am thankful that I am learning to do things independently.

Louis and Nicky love bowling during physical education!

Fingernail Care

By Joey P.

Everyone has fingernails. I will be teaching you how to take care of them in the next couple of paragraphs. Trimming your fingernails is not hard. I will gladly walk you through the steps. This is how you do it.

When you trim your fingernails, you have to make sure you do it correctly. You have to trim your fingernails straight across and round the edges. You should be careful when you are trimming your fingernails because you don’t want to cut yourself and make yourself bleed or cut them too short. You have to use nail clippers to trim your fingernails.

It’s important that you trim your fingernails once a week. You can put a reminder on your phone for every week to remind you to trim your fingernails. That way you won’t forget to trim them.

It is very important to trim your fingernails. You have to trim your fingernails because you can get a lot of dirt under them. You can scratch yourself or cut someone if you have long fingernails. It’s important to keep your nails healthy. You have to be careful when trimming your fingernails because It’s important that you don’t break them.

Trimming your fingernails is very important in life. I hope after reading this you will know how to trim your fingernails.

Xavier, Logan, and Andre also work at on-campus at our Aquatic Center!

Ice Skating

By Sean M.

We are ice skating at the Flyers Skate Zone in New Jersey.

We are going on February 6, 2019 we will be back by lunch.

I am ice skating with my School to Work classmates and the Philadelphia Flyers.

I am excited because it is my first time ice skating.

I am going on a bus to skate with the Philadelphia Flyers with my friends.

I am excited.

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