God, Who Desires for Us to Be Wealthy Luke 12:16-21


Through the parable of the foolish rich man, God is warning and urging us to guard our heart against every form of greed. In the original Greek Language, the word "greed" is (pleonexia) meaning to covet, desiring to have, lust, greediness which amounts to idolatry (Col 3:5). Greediness is a state of being unsatisfied with present circumstances and seeking to fulfill one’s own desires.

Grave of the greedy

The Israelites grumbled against God and requested meat in the wilderness, thus testing God, mocking Him and speaking against Him (Psa 78:18-19). In response, God caused quail to fall into the midst of the camp like dust. The Bible says that they ate according to their desire and were filled (Psa 78:26-2). This all took place at the 12th camp site in the wilderness at Kibroth-hattaavah. While the meat was still between their teeth, before it was even chewed, God struck the greedy people with a severe plague killing all the greedy (Num 11:31-34). Kibroth-hattaavah literally means "grave of the greedy" or "end of the greedy." Therefore the rebellious acts at Kibroth-hattaavah remind us that the end of greed is only the grave.

God disregards the greedy

In the parable of the "foolish rich man" there is no mention of the man’s name; only that he was foolish. This teaches us that God did not acknowledge this man’s life. The foolish rich man only worked for himself and not in accordance with God’s will. His work was out of desire for his own gain and greed. Sometimes, when we perform God’s work, it is to satisfy ourselves and our greed (Matt 16:22-23). God is displeased by this kind of human zeal. We may please others but God will look at the heart and will not acknowledge us with this kind of human zeal (1 Sam 16:7). Thus when we do the work of God, He will acknowledge and call us by name (Isa 43:1, John 10:3). In this parable of the "foolish rich man" his blind spot was to foolishly think that he could own all his wealth forever (Psa 39:6). This "rich man's" satisfaction and wealth depended on "materials that had no tomorrow." However, his life would end that very night (Luke 12:20). Let us not hold to worldly possessions but only to God.

The true rich man

A true rich man is one who is rich toward God (Luke 12:19). Treasure that is stored up on earth is destroyed by moth and rust (Matt 6:19-20). This was the biggest problem regarding the foolish rich man. His heart and mind was not toward God. Where is our today? Is it in our physical earthly wealth? Today, we must store up treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys or thieves break in for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matt 6:20-21). A true rich man gives freely because, he has received freely. When we come to understand the Word of God and believe and share with others, then we are blessed (Acts 20:35). Therefore, the moment we come to an understanding of God’s administration of redemption hidden in the Bible, He will acknowledge us as godly people of faith and as the burning lamp in a sinful world. (Prov 20:27).Because our Father has given to us freely, this great treasure and free gift called "eternal life" we have the responsibility to repay because we are indebted to the grace that we have received (Rom 1:14).

A true rich man has Jesus

Jesus is our treasure (1 Pet 2:7) and the choice and precious living stone (1 Pet 2:4). Furthermore, Jesus blood is the precious blood (1 Pet 1:19). Therefore, Faith in Jesus is the faith that pleases God is the greatest treasure in life (Isa 33:6). And a true rich man is who has such faith.

Conclusion: Everyone in the world wants to become rich, however, even if we were to own everything, the owner of our souls and life is God. When we set out on our own to become rich, there’s lots of worries and sorrow that comes with worldly wealth that we have obtained, but the wealth that God gives to us comes without sorrow (Prov 10:22). A true rich man understands this fact and humbly heeds to the Word of God. A true rich man is he who has precious faith that will never rust or decay. Thus, God desires for us to be wealthy by believing in the one and only savior Jesus Christ. This is how we remain wealthy, and when we believe in Jesus Christ, we crucify all of our greed and lust on the cross (Gal 5:24).

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