Philosophy Memoir Alannah Olmos

Sir Francis Bacon

Science is indeed a vital necessity

Thomas Hobbes

Not one individual has pure values

John Locke

Your rights are not the government's

Thomas Paine

No two people will rule consecutively

Francis Marie Arouet "Voltaire"

Intolerance will destroy all of mankind

Rene Descartes

There is math within life problems

Jean Jacques Rousseau

One person rule is utterly inhumane

My Philosophy

Only love will cure all impurities

Alannah Yvonne Olmos :)


These men all had different focal points that effect our daily lives today. We are currently under the government system whether we like that idea or not. We have to understand that life will never have an ideal situation for us, but that it how it goes. We have to see every individual as essentially good until they show us otherwise. It is best to break down even the most simple problems into their most plain elements to discover the true meaning of what there is to understand. We can think of so many things and believe in anything we may want to. As free individuals, we have to be thankful for the ideas that have still been influencing our lives today. Without these ideas, we would not be where we are today, nor would we be who we are today.


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