Famous Photographer my name is trinity and This is a collection of photographs taken by me and three different photographers, for my ap photography class. my photos are inspired by these three different photographers i have always used as INSPIRATION in my photography. enjoy :)

Brandon Woelfel

Who is Brandon woelfel you ask? Brandon Woelfel is a famous photographer. He is popular among young adults. He has photographed many youtubers, such as laurdiy and Alisha Marie. He has a certain style. He likes to take photos with a blue/magenta hues. When you see a Brandon woelfel photo, you know it's him. By the way the photo is taken and how it is edited. He uses things such as neon colors to create his pictures. He is also known for using, 70’s style glasses, smoke bombs and especially his fairy lights. He uses fairy lights in most of his pictures. He is considered a street photographer, because he takes a lot of pictures in the city. Although some of his pictures are not in the city, but they all have a city feel because of the colors he uses.

When I was taking my photos, I tried to shoot them in a medium exposure so could get a lot of details in the pictures so when I played around with the highlights and shadows it would still be a good quality picture. When I was taking my pictures, I was keeping in mind, a depth a field because that is a big part in Brandon's photography. I used fairy lights as he did and tried to incorporate street lights to create effects like him. When I was editing, I kept close attention to the blue and magenta hues.

Brandon has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and try to create different pieces of work. He has showed me photography can look good, not just in nature, but in a city setting also.

Here is a link to his website- http://www.brandonwoelfel.com/

My photo is on the left and Brandon's is on the right. I used colorful fairy lights like him as inspiration for this photo. © Brandon Woelfel
For my next photo, I used overlay like he used in the city to create this effect. Again his picture is on the right and mine is on the left. © Brandon Woelfel
For my last photo (on the left) inspired by Brandon Woelfel, I used these Christmas lights to create a similar effect as his photo (on the right). © Brandon Woelfel

For our project, we reached out to the photographers for questions as part of the assignment, and hopefully got an email back. Here are some thoughts I had for Brandon -

Hello Brandon,

My name is Trinity and I am a 10th grader at Hela high school. You are my favorite photographer. In my AP photo class, we were challenged to pick a famous photographer and try to use their style and editing techniques to try something different and challenge us. As soon as our teacher showed us the new challenge, I knew immediately you were going to be my famous photographer.

I’ve watched countless videos on YouTube on how to edit like you do. Your style is so unique and you have signature ‘props’ you use. Like the 70’s glasses, the neon lights and of course the fairy lights. I went to the store and purchased some fairy lights, so I could get some images like yours.

Here are some questions I was hoping you could answer. How did you know you wanted to go into photography? What got you started with taking photos? How did you find your style? Would you say your photography represents your personality?

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I’m hoping to get a response from you. Please reply with ‘reply all’ to include my teacher, Lee Emmert.

I did not get a response back from Brandon.

Hunter Gillman

Hunter Gillman is a photographer from Utah, and moved to Portland Oregon. He is a senior, portrait photographer. He has a certain earthy tone to all of his pictures. He uses dark greens and browns to create a rural feel. When he takes pictures, he tries to make the models as comfortable as possible so he and the model get a natural feeling to the picture. So when he uses greens and browns, it completes the picture by making it seem even more natural and ties his pictures together. I discovered him through Instagram and then discovered more about him from there. He shoots in the pacific northwest, Utah, Arizona and Colorado. The models he uses have a very natural, not efforted look about them. They usually have their hair down and very natural makeup on.

I used these techniques when I shot and edited to come out with a similar effect. I used very natural settings, and I used models with a very natural look about them. It was hard to find places to shoot, just because I live in the city and there are not many places to shoot in nature near by. I had to go down to the park by my house and I used a little flower field, as well as an evergreen tree for my nature shots. Then when I edited my photos, I used green and brown tones to make the picture more natural looking. I also used natural angles for the pictures. I also turned down the saturation on the pictures, to give it a more gritty harsh effect.

Make sure to give his website a visit- https://huntergillman.com/

Hunters photo is on the right and my inspired photo is on the left. I used a natural background and a natural pose to recreate this photo. © Hunter Gillman
To recreate Hunters photo (on the right), I used flowers in the picture to get some of the same colors for my picture (on the left). © Hunter Gillman
For my image (on the left) I used the same facial expressions as Hunter's (on the right) and I used leaves instead of flowers and decided to do something more with the picture by throwing the leaves. © Hunter Gillman

Here is the email I sent to Hunter regarding questions I have for him -

Hi Hunter,

My name is Trinity and I am a sophomore at Hela high school, in Vancouver Washington. In my AP photography class, we were challenged to find a professional photographer, and to recreate their pictures/take pictures like them. I chose you for my challenge because I love your style. You have a natural, outdoor feel and I really enjoy your pictures.

I looked at your website and you portfolio has a certain tone to it. It's very green and neutral. I am really inspired by your portfolio because it is very northwestern. I enjoy your style and creativity shown through your photographs.

I have some questions about your pictures. How did you get into photography? Would you say your pictures represent your personality? How did you know, senior photography/portrait photography?

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I’m hoping to get a response from you. Please reply with ‘reply all’ to include my teacher, Lee Emmert.

I also did not get a response from Hunter.

Bryan Adam Castillo

Bryan Adam Castillo is a creative and fine art photographer from Tucson, Arizona. He has multiple portfolios of sorts. He has a creative portfolio, full of photos he shot to step outside of the box. He also has one for travel, which consists of, photos he took while ‘traveling’. They are pictures, in nature with usually no models. Then his final ‘portfolio’ is for brand names. He photographs, Jaguar, Michael Kors, Forever21 and Charlotte Russe.

The reason I chose Bryan Adam Castillo as my photographer, is because I love the colors he ues in his photos. He also has a wide variety in his photography. I really want to recreate one of his travel pictures, using a long exposure to show movement in cars moving down a highway/freeway. Also I want to take pictures with lights and masons jars because, those are some objects he uses in his photography. I also want to shot with bright colors to get a sunset effect like he has in most of pictures. He also likes to use silhouettes a lot in his photos. So I want to work with silhouettes as he did to create amazing photos that are very dramatic as well. In all of his photos, there is a story behind them. I want to create that with the pictures I take to represent him in a way. I will also edit them so the saturation comes out more, to really give my photos a pop of color.

Here is a link to his website, where you can find all of these portfolios and more- http://www.bryanadamc.com/

In my picture (on the left) I used string lights to recreate Bryan's photo to the right. © Bryan Adam Castillo
In my picture to the left, I used silhouette and the same colors as he used to recreate his picture on the right. © Bryan Adam Castillo
To recreate Bryan's picture on the right, I used lights on the ground leading to a person at the end of the light string. My picture is featured to the left. © Bryan Adam Castillo

These are my thoughts for Bryan -

Hello Bryan,

My Name is Trinity, I am a sophomore and I live in Vancouver Washington. I am very interested in and inspired by your photography. In our photography class, we were challenged to pick a professional photographer that we were inspired by and spend a week, recreating their style and pushing our photography limits.

I choose you as my photographer because, your style is very unique and colorful. You use simple things, such as mason jars, lights and book pages, to create these awesome pieces of photography. On your website, my favorite part, is the travel section. Those photos don’t have a lot going on in them but they way you shot the picture and the way you edited them is genius.

I have some questions for you: How did you get into photography? How long did it take for big brands, like Jaguar and Michael Kors to reach out to you to photograph their products? Who were/are you inspired by?

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I’m hoping to get a response from you. Please reply with ‘reply all’ to include my teacher, Lee Emmert.

I did not get a response from Bryan as well.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my project in recreating photographers work. These photographer are all special in their own way and all very talented. Make sure to check out their portfolios. A question I would like to leave you with is, If you recreate someones work, and try to use the same techniques as them, is giving credit necessary, or can you call it your own original idea?

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