THINK BEFORE YOU ACT by Chase shelton, gabe , and michaeL aho

This is act 1 scene 1 takes place in the town square, and it displays how blind most of the family members were to the world outside of their dues. Forgetting about the rules and laws of the world.

This moment in Act 2 Scene 2 displays how love made Romeo blind to be able to think critically about the violation he was committing by standing in front of Juliet. Which was a huge catalyst threat led to the multitude of tragedies in this story.

And this final moment from Act 3 Scene 1 displays the lack of thought that was put into Tybalts enemies, and that he could see past them being his enemies, which ultimately led to his death.

This song by Aretha Franklin is telling us to think, to consider our actions before we commit them.

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