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Mobile Marketing Strategy Plan


  • Goals for the new www.NWPF.org website
  • Build a new Responsive website with WordPress with Parallax
  • Current site is not a a WordPress site
  • SEO for more organic traffic. Google mobile-first indexing.
  • Accept DONATIONS more easily and directly from site via WP plugin
  • Currently donations are taken off-site and are too complex
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Add more content: text, images, pages
  • Decrease 71% Bounce Rate
  • Increase CTR
  • Increase visit duration time
  • Add 1,000+ more words to home page, and make all images clickable
  • Make phone #'s clickable

Target Customers

  • Target older audience with larger fonts
  • Enable users to change font size
  • Target customers in the 5 states in the Northwest
  • Customers seeking help, guidance, symptoms info, resources
  • PD affects people over the age of 50
Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease would be tremor in body or trembling in hands, arms, legs, jaw, and face; rigidity, or stiffness of the limbs and trunk; slowness of movement or impaired balance and coordination. These are very visible symptoms, and patients may have difficulty walking, talking, or completing other simple tasks.
As the disease progresses, the shaking or tremors, which affects the majority of PD patients, may begin to interfere with daily activities. Other symptoms may include depression and other emotional changes.



There is Hope!

It is a simple message, but to the point. There is hope for you, if you have or might have PD.

To promote community events which include a resource fair and educational presentations.


Mobile Plan - which channels to use and how to integrate with them

  • Google AdWords PPC marketing
  • Facebook
  • YouTube - need to add a lot more videos
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin needs to be enhanced
  • Blog - integrate the blog within the site via WP plugin
  • Maybe Instagram or Pinterest - owners will decide
  • Make sure to link to all of the above sites in universal footer
No 2 Parkinson’s disease patients are alike. Each diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is unique. PD patients suffer different symptoms and different rates of disease progression. Some remedies work for some, and not for others.

Sharing Opportunities

  • Need to make Twitter & Facebook and other social media platforms more prominent in the website, in order to further engage visitors to share and ie retweet.
  • Create a YouTube channel to enable visitors to share NWPF videos in ie there Facebook channels.
  • Add and promote a Testimonials page
  • Somehow try to Gamify the User Experience. Maybe incentivize the Donation process and reward large donors with a product or service.
  • Get celebrities to endorse NWPF, like Russell Wilson
  • Find ways to turn customers & members into Advocates & Influencers
  • Testimonials is one way to let customers share positive experiences with the brand
  • Educating more website viewers and encourage them to become Influencers
  • Start some Campaign Hashtags ie #NWPF
  • More community collaboration

How you will keep interest in your brand and be there for the mobile moments

  • When potential customers have a question that they ask directly into their phone or tablet, then one of our goals is to be able to answer that question with the website. How?
  • By getting the website answer to be found as a featured snippet in the ‘People also ask’ at the top of the Google SERP.
  • Goal is to obtain a few elusive Position 0 or Rank 0 in the Google SERPs ie below screenshot:
Google People also ask snippets

5 Technologies to Use:

Responsive Mobile Friendly Website

Goolge's mobile first indexing means we MUST HAVE a mobile optimized site for optimal user experience. NWPF will have 1 site that fits all device sizes and screen display positions (landscape or portrait). It will be a WordPress site using WP plugins, which means that one of their most important components, that being the Donation button, will be mobile friendly. Site load time will be optimized for fast download. Site will be built with a user-centered approach, based on the users' requirements and intent. Site will have Parallax so it is more engaging, looks more impressive and will thus improve time spend on page, and will help reduce bounce rate.

Social Media

Since the majority of all social media is not done via mobile devices, then the site will be built primarily around the users mobile journey. The new site will better engage users with more interesting and useful content. Will focus on growing Advocates and Influencers to spread the word and build brand loyalty. Site will more prominently display and promote the social media platforms mentioned herein for a more impactful social media outreach campaign. We will use Social Listening tools to keep an eye on the general sentiment about the NWPF brand. Goal is to improve likes, shares, comments, retweets and followers.

Mobile Search

White hat SEO will be a primary driver to increase organic rankings. I will pay close attention to location specific terms, as the target market is the Northwest. We will pay close attention to "social signals" that influence our search rankings. Find ways to improve the quantity and quality of social media conversations, that will help improve our online PR. This will all help drive more mobile search traffic. On-page and under-page SEO will be done via best practices, such as optimizing Title tags with 68 character max titles. Using Header text is also very important ie <H1>. Obviously all the little things ie: page names, copy text, link text, alt text, etc. Link building is important, but not something I will initially tackle, as NWPF already has so many existing backlinks. Targeting being listed in the Google featured snippets section will be a major focus in new web page development.

Mobile Advertising

In addition to using the Google Ads Keyword Planner. We will also pay more attention to Google Trends. Doing so will help us determine better keywords to promote with Google AdWords (now Google Ads) PPC advertising. Google Analytics will be a critical tool to use for reporting details about our website traffic. Over time we can optimize our PPC campaigns by knowing our demographics, devices and OS most used and which types of ads work best and worst - especially if I do A/B page testing. We will also use click-to-call ads or phone # only ads. We may use click-to-map ads for promoting special events.

SMS Marketing

Website owners may want to do some target marketing with SMS messages, ie for promoting up coming events and reminders. Since most SMS messages are opened within minutes of their arrival; and demand immediate attention, it is important to only deliver a personalized message that the reader considers useful. We will not abuse the # of nor the actual intent of the expected message, or else we will damage brand loyalty. We can promote website pages, like upcoming events, with SMS. We know some customers or prospects prefer to receive SMS over emailed newsletters, so it is another way to engage our customers and promote our website and brand, as well as to build loyalty. SMS can be tracked using delivery reports that enable us to see how efficient and successful an SMS campaign is. This will help us to understand what works best, thereby empowering NWPF to get the most out of future marketing campaigns.

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