How to join the Solution Partner Program.

Step 1 - Click the button below to go to the Adobe Solution Partner Portal.

Step 2 - Select Join now.

Step 3 - Scroll down the page and click on Get Started.

Step 4 - Type your email address and click on Check now to find your company.

Step 5 - If you are able to find your company, proceed with the next steps by choosing Enter Adobe ID or Create Adobe ID.

Note : If you are not able to find your company, click on Apply to join the Solution Partner Program and register your company by submitting a new application. Instructions for how to register your company can be found by clicking the box below.

Step 6 - If you already have created an Adobe ID, then enter your Adobe ID and Password.

Step 7 - If you don't have an Adobe ID, create a new one.

Step 8 - Terms of Use - Go through the Terms of Use and then click on Continue.

Step 9 - Update your details and click on the Register button.

Step 10 - Registration Confirmation.

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Adobe Solution Partner Program.

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