Fractions 3rd grade By: Jordan Fanning

There are fractions in our lives every day. Fractions make it easier to compare pieces. Fractions are whole pieces split into equal parts. We use fractions when cooking with our parents, when sharing something with our friends, and even when we are cutting our food. Fractions help us take a whole and split it up into parts.

As shown in the video, fractions are how we can count part of something. We have the denominator which is how many pieces the whole object has been divided into. The numerator is how many pieces of the denominator you are looking at.

In this picture we can see that there are two parts of the whole ( denominator), and we only have one piece (numerator) of that denominator.

What if we had a whole pizza that 6 people needed to share?

We would need to split the pizza up into 6 pieces?

We split it up into 6 equal pieces making the fraction 6/6

What if one person ate a piece of the pizza? How many pieces do we have left?

If we count the non shaded pieces, we have 5 pieces left. How do we put this into a fraction? So we know the denominator is how many pieces the whole pizza was split up by...

6 pieces is the denominator

And the numerator is how many pieces we have of the whole...

5 pieces of the pizza is the numerator

Now we know we have 5 pieces of the original 6 pieces making our fraction...

Want to make your own pizza to practice?

To practice more fraction problems go to...


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